Crime Prevention

The women and men of the Morgan Hill Police Department are dedicated to enhancing public safety, reducing the incidence of crime, and increasing feelings of safety and security throughout our community. We invite you to work in partnership with us to prevent and reduce crime. There are a number of things each and every community member can do to reduce his or her chances of becoming a victim. Below are crime prevention tips for your personal safety, child safety, home, vehicle and business. We urge you to become more familiar with the information provided to incorporate crime prevention into your daily life.

Core Categories

The Morgan Hill Police Department is pleased to provide you with crime prevention tips and information within the following categories:

Child Safety

Child safety and security is one of our highest priorities at the Morgan Hill Police Department. To learn more about steps you can take to keep your child safe, please click on the links below:

Personal Safety

Doing what you can to increase your personal safety is important for your well being as well as that of your family and property. There are a number of things you can do to enhance your personal safety and the safety of the ones you love. To learn more, please click below:

Scams, Schemes & Fraud

Taking the time to educate yourself about how to avoid scams, schemes and fraud may well keep you from becoming a crime victim. In today's fast paced environment, fraud scams and schemes are becoming more prevalent. The news is filled with stories of how unsuspecting people have been duped out of money and/or property. Learn what you can do to not fall victim to a scam by reading the documents provided below:

Home & Property

Doing what you can to protect your home and property is important to ensure the safety and security of your family. You can reduce your chances of being victimized by taking a few steps to better secure your home and vehicle. To learn what you can do click on the links below:

Business Watch

All business owners are concerned with the safety and security of their place of business. Learn the steps you can take to increase the security of your business and reduce crime in the community at large.