Bike Hub Park Overview

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Art, Lighting, Features, and Wayfinding
This project focuses on amenities that help create special elements that will draw residents and visitors alike to downtown. With the retail industry downsizing and the impact of the internet on retail sales, providing consumers a special experience is what will influence them to spend their limited discretionary dollars in Morgan Hill.

Creating a unique, fun and social environment is accomplished by creating places that offer people many things to do like offering places to eat, shop, sit, play, experience history, art, interesting design, and offering entertainment and places for families, children and pets. The proposed recommendation provides funding for public art, pedestrian and bicycle amenities, landscaping/beautification, night lighting for safety and aesthetics, and funding for various features and amenities that enhance public spaces and public facilities, including flower baskets, murals, banners, wayfinding signage, and other features. Through creative thinking, safety elements like crossings at Dunne and Main at Del Monte funded through Safe Routes to School could be designed to be creative, artsy and visually appealing crosswalks that not only increase safety but create an interesting environment.

These amenities will rejuvenate the streetscape, connect our public spaces and brighten the public facilities by creating a tapestry of culture and identity for the community. This investment is intended to create the pizzazz that will attract visitors again and again to discover and enjoy the Downtown.

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Edith Ramirez