Pop-Up Park

On June 10, 2016, the Downtown Pop-up Park 2.0 opened.  One block away from the first Pop-up park, this new pop-up park is larger in size and includes a few more amenities.  We invite you to visit and enjoy!  

The Pop-up park is a fun family gathering space  The pop-up park is located at the intersection of the 2nd and Monterey Avenue. Many of the elements of this temporary park are being donated or will be reused in future parks and plazas in Downtown.

The area include a park area, and kids' corner with many new and exciting features.

Bike Hub:

Bike Racks

Park Area:

Propane tank benches
Tables and chairs
A giant Adirondack chair
Evening lighting

Kids' Corner:

Multiple chalk boards
An urban kids' library
A donated baby grand piano to inspire the next musical artist

Thank you to the Sponsors and Supporters

  • George Chiala Farms (trees)
  • American Institute of Mathematics (trees)
  • Dan McCranie, Ladera Grill (land and utilities)
  • Morgan Hill Times (Children's Library)
  • Kent Construction (construction services)
  • Concept Cyclery (bike rack)
  • Specialized (bike rack)
  • Bike Morgan Hill Group (bike rack)
  • Tencate Advanced Composites (turf)
  • Artists Mesngr & Empire 7 Studios
  • John McKay (construction and park benches)
  • Lina Velasquez artistic elements on baby Grand Piano, piano bench and utility boxes

Please send us a note if you wish to help support or contribute to the pop-up park.