High Speed Rail

Upcoming Meeting

High Speed Rail - Board Meeting
September 17, 2019, 1 pm
Santa Clara County
70 W Hedding Street
San Jose, CA 95110

The CHSRA Board will be hearing the following item: Consider Concurring with the Staff Recommended Preferred Alternative for inclusion in the San Jose to Merced Project
Section Draft EIR/EIS.
Board Agenda (pdf)

City of Morgan Hill's letter on Preferred Alternative (pdf)

Latest Actions Related to High Speed Rail
On August 14th High Speed Rail Authority will be conducting two public meetings in the City of Morgan Hill.  The meetings will be located at 17555 Peak Avenue in the Council Chambers of Morgan Hill.  The two meeting times are 9 am -11 am and 6 pm - 9 pm.

On June 1, 2018, the California High Speed Rail Authority published it's Final 2018 Business Plan.

On March 9, 2018, the California High Speed Rail Authority released it's 2018 Draft Business Plan.  The plan was released and is available for public comment. 

Key Highlights in the 2018 Draft Business Plan

  • The draft business plan acknowledges cost increases affecting each segment of the project ranging from 20-35% and revised schedules that would push out delivery dates for the Silicon Valley to Central Valley Line and Phase 1 System. 
  • The revised baseline cost estimates show an increase in costs largely driven by the effects of inflation, increased contingencies and previously identified construction delays in the Central Valley. These areas make up 83% of the cost increases associated with the full Phase 1 System build-out between San Francisco and Los Angeles/Anaheim.
  • The schedule for the Silicon Valley to Central Valley Line (San Francisco to Bakersfield) and the full Phase 1 System (San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim) are pushed out by as much as four years.
  • The draft plan outlines a financing strategy consistent with the one outlined in the 2016 Business Plan to better align the timing of Cap-and-Trade funds so that the project can be delivered in a manner that provides benefits to Californian at the earliest possible time.
  • The draft plan reflects the Authority’s commitment to apply lessons learned and make organizational improvements necessary to deliver this project to initiate high-speed rail service between the Silicon Valley and the Central Valley as soon as possible, while completing environmental work and making important investments in Southern California.

2018 Draft Business Plan for High Speed Rail

http://www.hsr.ca.gov/docs/about/business_plans/Draft_2018_Business_Plan.pdf (pdf)

Online Comment Form on the 2018 Draft Business Plan


You can also leave a verbal comment on the Draft 2018 Business Plan voicemail at (916) 384-9516

Prior Actions

On November 15, 2017 Morgan Hill City Council conducted a study session on High Speed Rail related to design alternatives for the proposed Highway 101 alignment.  Michael Baker International provided an overview of the three alternatives studied within the 101 corridor.  These findings were then shared with High Speed Rail on the feasibility and likelihood as an alignment alternative. 

The meeting documents and presentation can be found on the documents and presentation page.

On May 24, 2017 Morgan Hill City staff proposed three separate contracts that would help evaluate and advance design solutions for the California High Speed Rail project through Morgan Hill. The contracts are important to assist the City in ensuring the community’s long-term best interests are protected. In June 2016, the City Council adopted a resolution to enter into a Reimbursement agreement with the California High Speed Rail Authority for review of technical engineering documents. The Reimbursement Agreement will support the following three agreements.


Michael Baker International—Review of Highway 101 Alternative
Michael Baker International is an experienced railroad transit engineering firm that is currently under contract with the City to evaluate Quit Crossings. We are asking this firm for a technical railroad and transit engineering review of the Highway 101 corridor alignment.

Urban Field Studio—Design Guidelines
Urban Field Studio, under the leadership of Frank Fuller, will help the City of Morgan Hill develop project-specific design guidelines to improve on the HSR design through Morgan Hill to: a) develop design solutions through the potentially most impacted areas, such as the Walnut Grove neighborhood, through the Monterey segment adjacent the Morgan Hill Ranch Business Park and Downtown and b) develop design enhancements that take into account the community’s desire for access, circulation, lighting, art, parks and trails, and gateway designs.

Kitchell Cem—City Standards
Kitchell Cem is a General Contractor that offers construction management, real estate development, program management, engineering, and architecture, among other services. Kitchell will review the City’s construction standards (City Standards) and update them and create new ones with HSR’s project in mind. Companies constructing in Morgan Hill are required to abide by the City’s Standards.

The County of Santa Clara has developed a fly-by virtualization of High Speed Rail.
The video can be viewed using the following  link: https://www.sccgov.org/sites/dpd/DocsForms/Documents/HSR_flyover_May2017_small.mp4

You will find additional information on the High Speed Rail project on the new pages dedicated to:
High Speed Rail Meetings
Documents and Presentations
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For more information from the California High-Speed Rail program: 
Helpline: 1-800-455-8166
Email: San.jose_Merced@hsr.ca.gov
Visit their website

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