Station Area Master Plan

The Station Area Master Plan takes Station Area Master Plan
stock of the existing transportation context and is generally focused on identifying considerations and opportunities for the further improvement of multi-modal connectivity and access as well as the quality of the walking environment within the public realm of the street.(

The planning and design tools and recommendations for improvements presented throughout the Station Area Master Plan are intended to support City staff, elected officials, transit providers, Morgan Hill residents, business, and property owners, as well as other stakeholders in their continuing efforts to improve the quality of the multi-modal transportation environment throughout the PDA and the Downtown.

Station Area Master Plan (Digital Flipping Book)

Station Area Master Plan (PDFs) 

Community Outreach

City Council SAMP Workshop:

  November 1, 2017 at 5:30 pm, at City Council Chambers 17555 Peak Avenue. 

Past Community Meeting:


August 31, 2017 at 6:00 pm, within the Community and Cultural Center Hiram Room, located at 17000 Monterey Road.

Downtown Summit:

 The City held a Downtown Summit on June 30, 2016 that brought together private private investors and public leaders to start an open discussion about the vision for Downtown Morgan Hill.  The goal was to engage the community as well as spark interest and ideas from the audience on the future of Downtown Morgan Hill.  The Station Area Master Plan team received feedback from the summit participants who contributed opinions on various topics related to transportation and urban design, including those who participated in the survey.