Residential Re-Roofs

Re-Roof Performed by Contractor
If you are going to have a contractor perform the work, the contractor should obtain the permit for you. The contractor will need to provide proof of a current Contractor's License, Workers' Compensation Insurance, and a current City of Morgan Hill business license.

If you obtain the permit for the contractor, you are the party responsible for ensuring that the contractor meets all code requirements.

Re-Roof Performed by Owner
If you are going to install the roof yourself, you will need to know the following:
  • Number of squares (100 sq. ft. equals approximately 1 square)
  • Roof life expectancy
  • Thickness of sheathing
  • Type of roofing material to be used
  • Weight of felt
If you live in the Fire Hazard Severity Zone, a Class A (fire resistant) roofing material is required. You will need a roof sheathing inspection and a roof final inspection.

For additional information, call the Building Division at 408-779-7241.