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Permit data from 2018 to present is displayed below.  Planning permits are divided up between Commercial, Industrial and Residential projects.

  • Design Review (SR Permit Prefix)
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  • General Plan Amendment (GPA Permit Prefix)
  • Zoning Amendment (ZA Permit Prefix)

For each project you will find project description, project manager, status and links to posted environmental documents (The City posts Initial Studies and Environmental Impact Reports)  or Planning and City Council decisions/documents. 

With the permit number (example. SR2019-0001) you can use the City’s permit system to look up information on the project as well.

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Planning Permit Data Most Recent Year

Below you will find a summary of design permits and use permits being processed by the Planning department for the last year.  The table includes Use Permits (UP) ,Design Review (SR) permits, Zoning amendments (ZA), General Plan Amendments (GPA), Residential Development Control (RDCS) and Sub-divisions (SD). 

You can also download a Common Separated Values file (CSV) of the permit information below to use in excel or another software.  The data download includes information from 2018 to the present.

With the permit number (ex. SR2019-0001) you can use the City’s permit system to look up information on the project.

Permit NumberTypeProject NameProject Description (application)Environmental Document/webpageProcess (Admin, PC, CC)StatusAddressStaff (Initials)Notes
SD2019-0002ResidentialButterfield- Butterfield fech ParkTentative Parcel Map to adjust the lot lines of 7 lots (24.2 acres) to reflect realignment of Sutter Place Right of Way.N/AAdminWithdrawnButterfield BlvdGP
SR2019-0022ResidentialChristeph-PerezA 4,000 sq. ft. single family residenceN/AAdminIncomplete18200 Christeph DriveRB
SD2019-0005ResidentialCochrane - Toll BrothersTentative Parcel Map for Borello RanchN/AAdminUnder ReviewCochrane RoadTL
RDCS2019-0008ResidentialDakota-DunneRDCS: Final RDCS review requesting 4 single family residencesN/APCApproved761 Dakota DriveGPResolution 19-10
SR2019-0003ResidentialDepot-LatalaA 49-unit mixed use project with 49 multi-family units and 3,076 sq. ft. office spaceEnvironmentalCCApprovedDepot Street/ E. 5th StreetTB
ZA2019-0010ResidentialDeWitt-West Hills ChurchA zoning amendment to allow 2 permanent buildings for religious servicesN/APC & CCReceivedDewitt AvenueAS/TL
SR2019-0028ResidentialDiana - Mana Hanalei24 single family residencesEnvironmentalAdminApproved815 Diana AvenueJDApproval Certificate 20-004
ZA2019-0006ResidentialDiana - Mana HanaleiZoning Amendment from RDM 7,000 to Planned DevelopmentN/ACCApproved815 Diana AvenueJD
GPA2019-0004ResidentialE. Dunne-Serene Hills LLCGeneral Plan Change Area From Residential Estate [up to 1 unit per acre] To: Residential Detached Medium [up to 7 units per acre]N/AAdminWithdrawnSaddleback Dr/Magnolia DrTB
ZA2019-0012ResidentialE. Dunne-Serene Hills LLCProposing a PUDN/AAdminIncompleteSaddleback Dr/Magnolia DrTB
SR2019-0031ResidentialEast Dunne- Huang14-unit single family detached residential project.EnvironmentalAdminApproved1390 E. Dunne AvenueRSApproval Certificate 19-021
RDCS2019-0006ResidentialHalf-Brookfield (Trumark)RDCS: Final RDCS review requesting 247 single family residencesN/ACCDeniedMission ViewGP
SR2019-0024ResidentialHalf-Dividend (Formerly Brookfield)Conceptual Plan Review (staff) for 196 unit residential developmentN/AAdminApprovedMission ViewGP
GPA2019-0003ResidentialHill - Morgan Hill Devco, LLCPreliminary Plan review for a proposed General Plan changeN/AAdminIncompleteHill RoadTB
SD2019-0001ResidentialHill - Morgan Hill Devco, LLCTentative subdivision Map for a twenty two lot sub-division projectN/AAdminCancelledHill RoadTB
SR2019-0004ResidentialHill - Morgan Hill Devco, LLCDesign review for a 22-unit residential projectN/AAdminPendingHill RoadTB
ZA2019-0008ResidentialHill - Morgan Hill Devco, LLCZoning amendmentN/AAdminReceivedHill RoadTB
SR2019-0030ResidentialHill-HuangDesign review for 6 Single Family residences and one secondary unitN/AAdminApprovedHill RoadRSApproval Certificate 19-020
SR2019-0011CommercialBarrett- SandhuConceptual Plan Review of a 6,800 square foot commercial buildingN/AAdminCompleteBarrett AvenueTB
SR2019-0006CommercialCochrane - Evergreen 7-Eleven3,700 square foot service station/convenience storeN/AAdminApprovedCochrane RoadRSApproval Certificate 19-022
SR2019-0020CommercialCochrane - Holiday Inn ExpressA five story 121 room hotelN/AAdminUnder ReviewCochrane RoadRS
SR2019-0038CommercialCochrane - Morgan Hill Retail Venture CenterProposing changes in uses and development plan for Phase II of the Cochrane Commons Shopping CenterPendingPCUnder Review1053 Cochrane RoadRS
SR2019-0021CommercialCochrane-Evergreen (America’s Tire)A 8,192 square foot commercial building (tire store)N/AAdminWITHDRAWNCochrane RoadRS
ZA2019-0003CommercialCochrane-Morgan Hill Retail Venture CenterRequest to Amend existing PD for 66 acre Cochrane Commons Retail Center & Associated Land. Amending allowable uses to provide additional flexibility in pre-leasing and developing Phase II of project and maintaining high occupancy in Phase I; addition of a 3rd pylon sign to assist in leasing effortsPending  PC & CCPendingCochrane RoadRS
SR2019-0018CommercialCochrane-Taco BellA single-story commercial building comprising approximately 2,087 sq. ft.N/AAdminPendingCochrane RoadRS
SR2019-0019CommercialCondit - McDonald’sAn interior and exterior remodel of an existing 4,000 sq. ft. McDonald’s restaurant
N/AAdminApproved17025 Condit RoadJDApproval Certificate 20-003
GPA2019-0002CommercialDePaul-TC Morgan Hill VentureGeneral Plan Amendment from the Commercial to the Commercial/Industrial Land Use designation on the southerly approximately 26.6 acres of an approximately 30.08 acre siteEnvironmental

Draft Environmental Impact Report
PC & CCComplete in ProcessCochrane RoadAP
ZA2019-0005CommercialDePaul-TC Morgan Hill VentureZoning Amendment from the PUD (CH) Planned Unit Development - Highway Commercial, CO Administrative Office, and PUD (IL) Planned Unit Development - Light Industrial Zoning Districts to establish a PD Planned Development Combining District with the CH Highway Commercial and CI Commercial Industrial Zoning Districts on an approximately 60.82 acre siteEnvironmental

Draft Environmental Impact Report
PC & CCComplete in ProcessCochrane RoadAP
UP2019-0004CommercialE. Dunne- Home DepotTemporary Use Permit to allow sale of Christmas TreesN/AAdminApproved860 E. Dunne AvenueEC
UP2019-0001CommercialE. Dunne-Gill (Genius Kids)Administrative Use permit for after school tutoringN/AAdminApproved820 E. Dunne AvenueTLApproval Certificate 19-008
SR2019-0005CommercialJarvis - Artis Senior Living80 bed, 41,723 square feet memory care facilityN/AAdminPendingCochrane RoadRS
GPA2019-0005CommercialJuan Hernandez-MH Medical Properties-MH Medical Properties (Lillian Commons)General Plan amendment to change Commercial to Mixed Use FlexEnvironmental PC, CCPendingJuan Hernandez DriveAP
SD2019-0007CommercialJuan Hernandez-MH Medical Properties-MH Medical Properties (Lillian Commons)Vesting parcel map for 3 lotsN/AAdminPendingJuan Hernandez DriveAP
SR2019-0036CommercialJuan Hernandez-MH Medical Properties-MH Medical Properties (Lillian Commons)
Preliminary Plan Review for a 10,000 sq. ft retail, 130,000 sq. ft. office and 300,000 sq. ft. residentialN/APCCompleteJuan Hernandez DriveAP
ZA2019-0016CommercialJuan Hernandez-MH Medical Properties-MH Medical Properties (Lillian Commons)Amendment to PUDEnvironmental PC, CCPendingJuan Hernandez DriveAP
GPA2019-0006CommercialLightpost GPA Commercial to Commercial IndustrialGeneral Plan Amendment from Commercial to Commercial/IndustrialN/ACCApproved850 Lightpost WayJC
SR2019-0013CommercialMain - Community ChristianA 1,400 sq. ft. addition to ChurchN/AAdminWithdrawn17635 Crest AvenueRB
SR2019-0014CommercialMonterey-ADA GroupConceptual Plan review (staff) Extended Stay Hotel with approx. 42 unitsN/AAdminApproved15355 Monterey RoadEC
SR2019-0032CommercialMonterey-VoicesPublic charter school. New 2 story building with 18 classrooms and related administrative usesEnvironmentalAdminPendingCosmo AvenueJD
UP2019-0003CommercialPeak-St. CatherineTemporary Use Permit for Fun Fest CarnivalN/AAdminApproved17400 Peak AvenueEC
SR2019-0035CommercialTennant Station- Common Wealth Central Credit UnionBuilding remodel with a new entry towerN/AAdminApproved201 Tennant StationJDApproval Certificate 20-002
SR2019-0016IndustrialButterfield - Butterfield Tech ParkDesign review (Landscape) for industrial designated street frontagesEnvironmentalAdminWithdrawnButterfield BlvdGP
SR2019-0023IndustrialCochrane Circle-Techcon 55,000 sq. ft. of office, warehouse and manufacturing spaceEnvironmentalAdminUnder Review440 Cochrane CircleTLApproval Certificate No. 20-010
ZA2019-0004IndustrialCochrane-MH Business Park Freeway SignRequest for zoning ordinance text amendment to eliminate Section 4 of Ordinance 1476.N/AAdminWithdrawnJarvis DriveJR
SR2019-0029IndustrialDePaul-TC Morgan Hill VenturePreliminary Plan Review for 1.2 million square feet of industrial buildingsEnvironmentalPCPendingCochrane RoadAP
SR2019-0037IndustrialDigital-VelodyneParking lot expansionN/AAdmin Incomplete345 Digital DriveRB
SR2019-0010IndustrialMadrone Parkway - Applied Motion ProductsConceptual Plan Review (staff) 20,000 square feet industrial buildingN/AAdminComplete18645 Madrone PYTL
SR2019-0017IndustrialMadrone Parkway - Applied Motion ProductsDesign review permit for 21,180 square feet industrial buildingN/AAdminApproved18645 Madrone PYTLApproval Certificate 2019-014
SR2019-0007IndustrialMadrone Parkway- Carpenters Training55,000 square feet Carpenters Training CenterEnvironmentalAdminApproved18640 Madrone ParkwayJRApproval Certificate 19-016
SR2019-0027IndustrialRailroad - GoyalConceptual Plan review for a 10,000 sq. ft office building, 10,000 sq. ft industrial buildingN/AAdminComplete16500 Railroad AvenueRB
UP2019-0005IndustrialRailroad - GoyalConditional Use Permit for Truck TerminalEnvironmentalPCApproved16500 Railroad AvenueTL
SR2019-0033IndustrialRailroad- Level 10 Construction10,000 sq. ft office with 68,000 industrial buildingPending LinkAdminPending16290 Railroad AvenueRS
SR2019-0002IndustrialTechnology- Digital StormA 40,600 square foot industrial buildingN/AAdminApprovedJarvis DriveRBApproval Certificate 19-007
UP2019-0002IndustrialTennant- Toni’s KitchenConditional Use Permit for Food Manufacturing UseN/APCApproved235 Tennant AvenueRBResolution 19-011
ZA2019-0015PublicAccessory Dwelling Unit OrdinanceAccessory Dwelling Unit OrdinanceN/ACCApprovedCitywideAP
ZA2019-0007PublicAmendment to Chapter 18.96 Wireless Communication FacilitiesZoning Text Amendment to Chapter 18.96 Wireless Communication FacilitiesN/ACCApprovedCitywideJL
ZA2019-0013PublicAmendment to Section 18.92.030.B - Convenience marketsZoning Text amendment to Section 18.92.030.B - Convenience marketsN/ACCApprovedCitywideRB
SR2019-0034PublicW. Edmundson-City of Morgan HillConstruction of the Community Park Playground with restroomsN/AAdminCancelled171 W. Edmundson AvenueEC
ZA2019-0011PublicZoning Text Amendment Section 18.92.090 MarijuanaZoning amendment to conditionally permit cannabis users in non-residential zonesN/ACCDeniedNot ApplicableJC
SR2019-0015ResidentialJarvis-MH Apartments (Braddock&Logan)Design review for 300 single family residencesEnvironmentalAdminPendingButterfield BlvdGP
RDCS2019-0002ResidentialLlagas/Sabini-StrolataRDCS: Final RDCS review requesting 1 single family residencesN/APCApproved1110 Llagas RoadGP
SD2019-0004ResidentialMonterey - City VenturesVesting parcel map forming two lots.N/APCComplete-In Process18110 Monterey RoadTB
ZA2019-0009ResidentialMonterey - GlenrockZoning amendment from Residential Low to Light Industrial  N/AAdminReceivedMonterey RoadJD
SD2019-0006ResidentialMonterey - Manzanita ParkTentative subdivision Map for multiple lots, 62 unit condominium sub-division projectN/ADeniedPendingMonterey RoadGP
SR2019-0026ResidentialMonterey- City Ventures
101 town home units and a 4250 SF commercial buildingEnvironmentalAdminPending18110 Monterey RoadTB
ZA2019-0002ResidentialMonterey Corridor Block Four - City of Morgan HillCity Council initiated Zoning Amendment from the MU-F Mixed Use Flex Zoning District to the Planned Development (PD) Combining District to establish a Block Level Master Plan (BLMP) for Monterey Road Corridor Block Four located on the east side of Monterey Road, opposite Old Monterey Road.N/ACCApproved18110 Monterey RoadJ. Baty
ZA2019-0001ResidentialMonterey Corridor Block One - City of Morgan HilCity Council initiated Zoning Amendment from the Planned Unit Development (PUD) and CS Service Commercial Zoning Districts to the Planned Development (PD) Combining District to establish a Block Level Master Plan (BLMP) for Monterey Road Corridor Block One located at the northeast corner of Monterey Road and Burnett Avenue.N/ACCApprovedMonterey RoadJ. Baty
RDCS2019-0004ResidentialMonterey- DobkinRDCS: Final RDCS review for 34 single family residencesN/APCApproved18110 Monterey RoadGPResolution 19-10
SR2019-0001ResidentialMonterey- Kelly Vo6-unit single family residential developmentN/AAdminApproved18755 Old Monterey RoadJDApproval Certificate 19-007
ZA2019-0014ResidentialMonterey- Manzanita ParkZoning Amendment to establish a PD Zoning for a 62 single family attached residential developmentN/AAdminReceived18605 Montery RoadGP
RDCS2019-0005ResidentialMonterey-Lucky ShingRDCS: Final RDCS review for 24 single family residencesN/APCApprovedMonterey RoadGPResolution 19-10
SR2019-0009ResidentialMonterey-Lucky ShingPreliminary  Plan Review  for Monterey Corridor Block One 62 Unit Residential project on MUF N/APCCompleteMonterey RoadJ. Baty
SR2019-0008ResidentialPreliminary Plan Review Monterey Block FourPreliminary  Plan Review for Monterey Corridor Block Four  N/APCReceived18110 Monterey RoadJ. Baty
SR2019-0025ResidentialRacoon-BehzadConceptual Plan Review (Staff) single Family VarianceN/AAdminNot applicable17684 Racoon CourtTL
SD2020-0001ResidentialSanchez - BrewerTentative Parcel Map to divide one lot into two lots  N/AAdminDenied185 Sanchez DriveTB
RDCS2019-0007ResidentialSpring-GiancolaRDCS: Final RDCS review requesting 12 single family residencesN/APCApproved335 Spring AvenueGP
RDCS2019-0003ResidentialTennant-Osito HoldingsRDCS: Final RDCS review requesting 7 single family attached and 4 duet units. (11 units)N/APCApproved215 Tennant AvenueGPResolution 19-10
SD2019-0003ResidentialTennant-Osito HoldingsTentative Subdivision Map for a 11 lot multi-family subdivision on a .99 acre site in the RAL-3500 Zoning District.N/AAdminWithdrawn215 Tennant AvenueJD
SR2019-0012ResidentialVia Loma-ChildsA single family residenceN/AAdminApproved363 Via LomaTLApproval Certificate 19-013
SR2020-0001CommercialMonterey-World OilConceptual Plan Review for existing World Gas StationN/AAdminPending16720 Monterey RoadTB
RDCS2019-0001ResidentialWatsonville-BlackrockRDCS: Final RDCS review requesting 13 single family residencesN/AAdminDenied14905 Santa Teresa BlGP
SR2020-0002ResidentialSecond-PaceConceptual Plan Review (staff) for a 4-unit residential project
N/AAdminApproved17340 Monterey Road
GPA2020-0001ResidentialMonterey-UHCGeneral Plan Amendment from Light Industrial to Residential Attached Low + Residential Attached Medium
N/APC, CCPending15570 Monterey RdAP
SR2020-0003CommercialW. Main- GalloReview for a 548 square foot patio cover on existing deck. Includes electrical for lighting.
N/AAdminPending25 W. Main Avenue
SR2020-0004IndustrialCochrane-BloomMinor review 212 SF small fuel cell energy generator behind the existing WalmartN/AAdminPending170 Cochrance PlazaJD
UP2020-0001CommercialCochrane-PetcoAdministrative Use Permit to add veterinary services
N/AAdminComplete in Process1023 Cocharne Road
SR2020-0005ResidentialMonterey-Morgan Hill Senior ApartmentsA 3-story 86 unit affordable housing development for senior citizens, on-site parking, and a private landscape courtyard.N/AAdminPendingSan Pedro Avenue
SR2020-0006ResidentialHill- Morgan Hill Devco, LLC (New Horizon)Preliminary Plan Review to PC and CC for PD Zoning.
N/AAdminPendingHill Rodad
GPA2020-0002ResidentialE. Dunne-Serene Hills LLC
A General Plan change from Residential Estate  to Residential Detached Medium
N/AAdminPendingE. Dunne Avenue TBD
GPA2020-0003ResidentialE. Dunne-Busk/Nordstrom Cal Homes

A General Plan Change from Residential Medium to Residential Low

N/AAdminComplete in ProcessE. Dunne and Murphy Avenues
SR2020-0007IndustrialDe Paul-TC Morgan Hill VentureDesign review permit for 1 million square feet of industrial buildings

Cochrane Road

IndustrialDe Paul-TC Morgan Hill Venture
Tentative Map application
N/A AdminIncompleteCochrane Road
SR2020-0008ResidentialHalf - Dividend (Crosswinds)Design Review for residential or mixed use 16 units or moreN/AAdminCancelledMission View
ResidentialHalf - Dividend (Crosswinds)Design Review for 269 residential unitsN/AAdminCancelledMission View
SR2020-0010ResidentialHalf - Dividend (Crosswinds)Design Review for 269 residential unitsN/AAdminPendingMission View
SR2020-0011CommercialPeak-St. CatherineInterior and Exterior changes to ChurchN/AAdminPending17400 Peak Avenue
SR2020-0012IndustrialRailroad Ave.-GoyalDesign review for a 20,400 sq ft industrial buildingN/AAdminPending16500 Railroad Avenue
SR2020-0003ResidentialHalf - Dividend (Crosswinds)Tentative Map application for over 200 lotsN/AAdminPendingMission View
GPA2020-0004ResidentialW. Dunne-BetPolice

A General Plan change from Residential Estate (up to 1 du/ac)
to Residential Attached Low (6-16 du/ac)

N/AAdminPendingW. Dunne AvenueTBD

Railroad-City of Morgan Hill

Temporary Use Permit


Railroad Avenue


Railroad-City of Morgan Hill (Community Garden

Temporary Use Permit for a Community Garden


Railroad Avenue


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