Water Conservation

Watering Restricted to two days per week Effective April 11, 2015

Attention: Beginning April 11, 2015 through October 31, 2015 irrigation is limited to two days a week as follows:
  • Mondays and Thursdays for odd numbered addresses
  • Tuesdays and Fridays for even numbered addresses
  • No watering on weekends or Wednesdays
  • Watering is prohibited between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Watering is limited to no more than 15 minutes per watering day per station

California is entering a 4th year of drought and water supplies throughout most of the state are limited. Santa Clara County is no exception. In response to this serious situation, our City Council declared a Level 2 Water Supply Shortage on April 1, 2015. With this declaration, the following measures are now in effect:

  1. Limits on Watering Days: Watering or irrigating of lawn, landscape or other vegetated area with potable water is limited to two days per week during the months of April through October as follows:
    • Mondays and Thursdays for odd numbered addresses
    • Tuesdays and Fridays for even numbered addresses
    • Watering limitations decrease further, to 1 day a week beginning in November. That day will be Wednesday.
  2. Obligation to Fix Leaks, Breaks or Malfunctions: All leaks, breaks or other malfunctions in the water user's plumbing or distribution system must be repaired within 48 hours of notification by the city unless other arrangements are made with the city.
  3. No Washing Down Hard or Paved Surfaces: Washing down hard or paved surfaces is prohibited except when necessary to alleviate safety or sanitary hazards.
  4. Limits on Filling Ornamental Lakes or Ponds: Filling or refilling ornamental lakes or ponds with potable water is prohibited, except to the extent needed to sustain aquatic life, provided that such animals are of significant value and have been actively managed within the water feature prior to the declaration of a Level 2 shortage.
  5. Limits on Washing Vehicles: Using water to wash or clean a vehicle, including but not limited to, any automobile, truck, van, bus, motorcycle, boat or trailer, whether motorized or not, is prohibited except at a commercial car washing facility that utilizes a re-circulating water system to capture or reuse water.
  6. Limits on Filling Residential Swimming Pools & Spas: Refilling of more than one foot and initial filling of residential swimming pools or outdoor spas with potable water is prohibited.
In addition, other water conservation provisions are always in effect in Morgan Hill. To conserve the most water in this time of drought, please review and implement them now. View the complete text of our Ordinance (PDF).

We have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you better understand the Level 2 Water Supply Shortage. If you have any additional questions, send us an email or give us a call at 408-776-7333.

Conserving water is always an important aspect of environmental protection and one that can pay off immediately to you in the form of reducing your water bill.

Morgan Hill residents interested in conserving water can receive the following items at no charge:
  • Water Wise Garden Information Packet - Save money by following the information in this packet and designing a water wise landscape. Plant selection, drip irrigation guidelines, and lawn watering information are included.
  • Water Conservation Kits - These kits, developed by the Water District, include tips for saving water, a reduced flow insert for toilets, and leak detection tablets.
  • Water-saving shower heads and faucet aerators - Save water while cleaning up by installing these low-flow water appliances.
To receive any or all of these items, please send an email telling us what you want. You may also mail us a note at:
City of Morgan Hill
Environmental Services Division
100 Edes Court
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Be sure to include your name and address.

Residents may also schedule a Water-Wise House Call from the Santa Clara Valley Water District. A Water-Wise House Call is a free home water use survey that helps identify opportunities where you can conserve water. Conducting a house call involves calculating water use, teaching you to read your water meter, surveying the irrigation system, and showing you simple ways to save water both in and outside the home. Get more information on this program.

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