Library, Culture & Arts Commission

The Library, Culture and Arts Commission is a 7-member, volunteer body appointed by the City Council. The group provides advice, recommendations, and plans, as well as executes programs for a range of community initiatives. Examples of responsibilities and commitments include, but are not limited to

  • Advising on the adequacy of library facilities
  • Serving as a liaison between the city and the Santa Clara County Library
  • Consulting with private community groups supportive of library and arts programs
  • Arranging city-sponsored artistic and performance opportunities
  • Stimulating community involvement in the arts
  • Reviewing and recommending works of art to be acquired by the city or installed on public property.

The commission wants to hear from you about how local authorities can best support local arts. 


  • Time: 7:00 p.m.
  • Date: First Tuesday of every month
  • Place: Morgan Hill City Council Chamber
  • Open to the public

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available: Meeting Agendas and Minutes


  • Emily Borchers - Term expires April 2022
  • Poonam Chabra - Term expires April 2024
  • Suman Ganapathy - Term expires April 2024
  • Katie Khera - Term expires April 2024
  • Paul Lake - Term expires April 2022
  • Patrice Lyn - Term expires April 2022
  • Amanda Santiago- Term expires April 2024

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Work Plan

  • Call for Artists - Utility Box Art Program Phase 2
    This project is temporarily on hold. Artists or donors interested in supporting the project can still contact the Commission as the program is intended to be brought back after Covid 19. The City of Morgan Hill and the Library Culture and Art Commission are seeking local artists to submit their designs for original art interpreting an uplifting and inspirational message. Artists will be required to come up with both the message and art. Call for Artists - Utility Box Art Program Phase 2 Information. 
  • LCAC GoFundMe Campaign for Tara Romero Memorial Sculpture. 
    The City of Morgan Hill’s Library Culture and Arts Commission is working to support the completion of the Unity, Peace, Renewal: Tara Romero Memorial Statue. This public art will serve as an inspirational symbol of hope, peace, and unity for young people growing up in our community. Visit the GoFundMe Page for the Tara Romero Memorial Sculpture. Read more about the LCAC’s campaign (PDF)
  • Art a la Carte
    The Commission is reviewing opportunities to bring the event back in Spring 2021 or 2022.
  • Poppy Jasper Art for City of Morgan Hill 
    Local artist Louis Latronica has made a beautiful sculpture, and the Library, Culture and Arts Commission wants to buy it to expand the City’s local art collection. For more information about this project and how to support this effort, please visit the Morgan Hill Art School webpage.
    View the informational flyer (PDF)
    Informational Press Release (PDF)
  • Let’s Look at Art Program
    Support the "Let’s Look at Art Program" by the San Jose Museum of Art. Volunteers needed.

Public Art Catalog

Policies & Procedures

Commissioners’ Reference Material