The Housing Services Division is responsible for creating and preserving affordable housing in the community. Morgan Hill’s commitment to affordable housing is a cornerstone of the community and city. The city’s award-winning affordable housing programs provides creative and innovative ways for residents to purchase homes. In addition to ownership, attractive, high quality and affordable rental opportunities are a vital part of the mix. Many of the Morgan Hill Redevelopment Agency (RDA) assisted rental developments now stand instead of blighted and dilapidated rental units. The RDA has assisted the city to bring the community’s vision to life, with a comprehensive approach that touches everyone.

The city has an active Below Market Rate program for affordable home ownership. There are more than 500 homes in the program and new units are being added on a yearly basis. If interested please see the city’s dedicated BMR website.

The city has partnered with HouseKeys for administration of this program. For information about applying for the city’s BMR Program, please call 408-684-8712 or email for information regarding the application process. Existing homeowners can contact Christina Enriquez or call 408-684-8788 regarding refinancing or selling your BMR unit.

Note: The city's Affordable Housing Resources Guide has been updated. If you need additional help accessing housing or services, please contact Christie Thomas at:
Direct Line: 408-310-4674 | Main: 408-778-6480 ext 4674