Utility Services

Utility Services
The city bills residential and business customers for water and sewer services. Look below for information on other utility providers servicing the city.

New Service
To begin water and sewer services, call the Utility Billing Division at 408-779-7221 or come to the City Hall at 17575 Peak Avenue. You may also download an electronic copy of the residential service application or commercial service application and fax or mail in the completed application. Please note that you will need to submit a copy of a photo ID along with the completed application.

Direct Pay Program
With our Direct Pay program, you can have automatic monthly payment from your checking account. Imagine, never having to remember the due date, and no more late fees. Download a DirectPay application (PDF) to learn more.

Water Quality Report
The water delivered to city customers is exclusively groundwater pumped from a network of wells around the city. View our most recent Water Quality Report

​Public Health Goals Report

Provisions of the California Health and Safety Code specify that public water systems serving more than 10,000 service connections must prepare a Public Health Goals report on water quality every three years. 2016 Public Health Goals Report

Water Waste Rules & Reporting Leaks
Water is a valuable and limited resource in Morgan Hill. Even when the region has experienced a wet year, each gallon of water we pump from the ground requires energy and resources to deliver to local homes and businesses. Learn more about water waste rules in Morgan Hill. If you see a water leak, you may report it online.

Sewer System
The city's sewer system connects to the South County Regional Wastewater Authority facility in Gilroy. This facility is jointly owned by the cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill. View the most current Water and Sewer Fee Schedule. If you see a sewer leak in the street, you may report it online.

Find answers to commonly asked questions about city utilities.

Direct Billing
Other utilities are billed directly by the company providing the service. These companies are:

Gas & Electric
Telephone, Internet & Cable Services