Amy Andrews
I've been training with Amy for just about a year now, and I am so thrilled that I found her (or we found each other). Her contributions to my physical fitness program have greatly improved my health, my mobility and my quality of life. 

I had never worked with a trainer or done any weight training when I joined CRC last year. Amy met me where I was, and has found the proper balance between respecting my limitations and helping me push my boundaries. I am stronger than I have ever been in my life, and every day I find more I can do - things that perhaps other people take for granted, but abilities that I had lost, and rejoice that I have found again.

Workouts with Amy are always challenging, but still fun! She knows how to push me through tough patches, she changes things up and finds interesting additions to our sessions (love those boxing gloves!). She has given me practical advice on how to work out on my own to keep up my progress, and I know she plans ahead - many times she has come with a fully scripted plan to ensure a fast paced and effective workout. She also has a great sense of humor - it's fun to tease her and get gently teased back.

Amy is reliable, flexible and has a great work ethic. I am lucky to be able to call her my trainer.