West Dunne- Gera

ZA-13-07/SD-13-08/DA-13-05: West Dunne - Gera

The 1.41-acre project site is located immediately west of the intersection of West Dunne Avenue and Monterey Road, within an urbanized portion of Morgan Hill. The subject property consists of four parcels (APNs 767-08-035 through 767-08-038) that have been historically used for residential and agricultural purposes.

The Applicant is requesting approval for the following on the 1.41 acre site: Demolition of two dwellings and various outbuildings, three garages and a barn; subdivision of the project site into 19 lots; development of 17 residential lots with 11 rowhouse units, one duet unit, three new single-family residences, and preservation of one single-family residence on Lot 17; Creation of one lot for open space and flood hazard buffer areal and Establishment of one lot as a common area for site access, public utility easement, and emergency access.

The proposed project involves the subdivision of the site's four parcels into 19 lots for 17 new residential lots (Lots 1-17), along with 10,367 square foot (s.f.) private driveway (Lot 19) for access to the residences and extension of public utilities. Lot 18 consists of ta 15,451 s.f. open space area adjoining the drainage channel for Little Llagas Creek on the eastern boundary of the project site.

The scheduled comment period was January 29, 2016, through February 20, 2016.

Initial Study

Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration