Monterey - Young

Zoning Amendment, ZA-14-19, Subdivision, SD-14-09,  Development Agreement, DA-14-08, Environmental Assessment, EA-14-19: Monterey - Young

The project is located at the Northwest Corner of the intersection of Monterey Road and Watsonville Road (APN 767-23-030).

The applicant requests approval of a Zoning Amendment, Tentative Subdivision Map, and Development Agreement to divide an approximately 8.8 acre parcel into 37 lots for residential development. Other improvements associated with the development include common and recreation areas, circulation, and public improvements along the project frontage of Watsonville Road.  The project is located in a R2-3,500 zoning district and General Plan Land Use designation of Multi-Family Low.

The scheduled comment period: March 11, 2016 through Monday, April 11, 2016.  

Initial Study  
Initial Study (PDF)

Mitigated Negative Declaration
Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (PDF)