Condit - Dodge Dealership

Environmental Assessment, EA2017-0006 & Site Review, SR2017-0007: Condit - Dodge/Chrysler

The project site is located along Condit Road just northeast of U.S. Highway (HWY) 101. The approximately six-acre site is bordered by: Hwy 101 on the west, The Ford Store Morgan Hill on the south, a vacant lot (former orchard) on the north, and agricultural uses on the east. The site is currently designated Commercial under the City’s 2035 General Plan and zoned as PUD – Planned Unit Development.

The proposed project includes the construction of a 36,662 square foot two-story car dealership and service building with 20 service bays. In addition, the project will have 482 surface parking spaces. The site includes a permanent detail canopy structure along the south property line that could accommodate up to four vehicles. The project would also include a showroom area, snack dispensing area and seating area, offices, parts storage, and related areas, employee areas, and kids’ activity area. The maximum building height would be 32 feet and 8 inches. The project includes the location of one freestanding monument sign (design is not available) as well as locations for two wall signs on the building.

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Initial Study

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

Notice of Intent