East Dunne-Young

The Andalusia Project is also known as East Dunne-Young (proposed project) site consists of approximately 3.48 acres located directly north of an existing childcare facility (Morgan Hill KinderCare) at 605 East Dunne Avenue in the City of Morgan Hill, California. The site is identified by Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) 726-02-007. Currently, the project site is vacant and regularly disked. A narrow dirt footpath extends diagonally from the southeast corner of the site to the northeast corner of the site. In addition, a small number of remnant orchard trees are scattered within the southern portion of the site.

The project site is bound by the Morgan Hill KinderCare facility to the south, a single-family residential subdivision and an associated public park to the north, and vacant land to the east and west. Additional vacant land and a commercial development consisting of a Starbucks and a Walgreens store are located further east of the site, along Walnut Grove Drive.

The proposed project would include the subdivision of the site into three parcels and the construction of single-family residences and associated improvements. The proposed residences would consist of 46 single-family, attached townhomes ranging from 1,428 square feet (SF) to 1,835 sf with between two and four bedrooms. The 46 units would be clustered into groups of three to five with individual entries provided for each unit. 

Project Plans and Specifications