Morgan Hill  Technology Park & Mixed-Use Residential Project EIR

The Morgan Hill Technology Park application was withdrawn by the applicant on September 18, 2020.

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Informational Handouts

The City has received many questions regarding the Morgan Hill Technology Park and Residential Mixed-Use Development Environmental Impact Report (EIR). To keep the community informed, we have created the below Summary Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


The De Paul – TC Morgan Hill Ventures Draft EIR is available below in PDF format or you can request an electronic or hard copy to be mailed to you by calling 408-767-6404 or e-mailing

Draft Environmental Impact Report

Notice of Availability

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Questions regarding the project may be addressed by calling 408-310-4635 or emailing

Consistent with guidelines issued by Executive Order by the Governor, the City is complying with requirements of the order and exceeding access and availability of the Draft EIR document. While the Governor does not suggest extended review periods and grants opportunities for on-line or virtual public meetings, the City has extended the review period from 45 days to 60 days and has planned for the likely extension of bans on group gatherings by establishing a virtual or electronic community meeting during the noticing period on June 30, 2020.


The City of Morgan Hill is making this Draft EIR available in accordance with CEQA for a 60-day review and comment period.

The Public Review Period: May 15, 2020 through July 14, 2020.

During the comment period, written comments may be submitted in the following ways:

  • By mail to Attn: Adam Paszkowski, Development Services, 17575 Peak Avenue, Morgan Hill, CA 95037;
  • By email to with the subject line “Draft EIR Comment”

Comments must be received electronically or postmarked on or before July 14, 2020. The City of Morgan Hill will prepare a Final EIR, which will include responses to comments received during the comment period.

Community Open House

The City of Morgan Hill held a community open house via Zoom to provide an opportunity for the public to submit verbal comments on the Draft EIR on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. Watch the video.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 65009, any challenge of the above referenced EIR in court may be limited to issues raised during this public review period or prior to the public hearing on this matter. The time within which judicial review must be sought of the action by the City Council on this EIR is governed by the provisions of Section 21167 et seq. of the California Public Resources Code and Section 15112 of the CEQA Guidelines.

Project Overview

The purpose of an Environmental Impact Report is to inform decision-makers and the general public of the environmental impacts of a proposed project that an agency (in this case, the City of Morgan Hill) may implement or approve.  The EIR process is intended to: (1) provide information sufficient to evaluate a project and its potential for significant impacts on the environment; (2) examine methods (e.g., project-specific mitigations, uniformly applied development regulations) for avoiding or reducing significant impacts; and (3) consider alternatives to the proposed project.

In accordance with CEQA, the Draft EIR includes the following:

  • A summary of the project, its potential significant environmental impacts, and mitigations required to avoid or reduce those significant impacts;
  • A project description;
  • A description of the existing environmental setting, potential environmental impacts, and mitigations for the project;
  • Alternatives to the proposed project; and
  • Other environmental consequences of the project, including
  • (1) growth-inducing effects
  • (2) significant unavoidable impacts
  • (3) irreversible environmental changes
  • (4) cumulative impacts, and
  • (5) effects found not to be significant.

Project Location

The approximately 89-acre site is located west of Mission View Road, south of Cochrane Road, east of US 101, and north of Half Road (APN: 728-30-001 through -004; 728-30-006, -008, -009; 728-31-014 through -016).

Proposed Project

The Commercial and Industrial components of the project are currently configured in six parcels on the west side of De Paul Drive totaling approximately 61 acres, with Commercial and Commercial/Industrial General Plan land use designations and located within three zoning districts: PUD Highway Commercial (CH), Administrative Office (CO), and PUD Light Industrial (IL). The applicant proposes to reconfigure the property into eight legal lots (one commercial, six commercial/industrial parcels controlled by the applicant, and one existing commercial/industrial parcel not controlled by the applicant); amending the General Plan land use designation of the site to consist of 2.9± acres of Commercial and 57± acres of Commercial/Industrial through a General Plan Amendment (File No. GPA2019-0002), and establish a Planned Development (PD) Combining District over the commercial and industrial project area through a Zoning Amendment (File No. ZA2019-0005).

The residential component of the project is approximately 28 acres on the east side of De Paul Drive with an existing General Plan land use designation of Residential Attached Low (6-16 du/ac). No formal land use entitlement applications are currently on file, and this portion of the project is being evaluated at a programmatic level for a maximum of 319 single-family detached and attached units.

The project proposes a mix of industrial, commercial, and residential uses on the 89-acre site. The industrial and commercial portions of the project would be located on approximately 61 acres on the western half of the site. The project would develop 1.04 million square feet of light industrial uses contained in six buildings on a 57.8-acre area of the site west of De Paul Drive, 45,000 square feet of industrial office in one building situated between the industrial buildings on a 2.31-acre parcel, and 50,000 square feet of retail/commercial on a 2.92-acre parcel fronting on Cochrane Road. The residential portion of the project east of De Paul Drive would consist of approximately 319 residential units on 28 acres in the eastern and southern portion of the site. De Paul Drive would be widened and improved to provide a minimum width of 72 feet and extended south from the existing reach to the right-of-way of Half Road. 

Fiscal Impact Analysis of Proposed Morgan Hill Technology Park (pdf)

Notice of Preparation (NOP) and Scoping Meeting

Comment Letters and Emails

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