Permits and Licenses

Frequent Permits/Licenses

  • ABC Permit(s): If you will be serving/selling beer, wine or alcohol you will need a permit from Alcoholic Beverage Control with the State of California. Before they can issue a permit, they will coordinate with the City of Morgan Hill.
  • Annual Fire Inspection: The City of Morgan Hill Fire Marshall annually inspects all businesses.
  • Business License: To operate a business in the City of Morgan Hill you will need to file an annual business license.
  • Building Permit Application (PDF): Each application for a Building Permit shall include a complete permit application, plans, and specifications as necessary. 
  • Sign Permit (PDF): If you are installing or modifying a sign for your business you need to have a sign permit.
  • Tobacco Permit:  If you are selling tobacco related products in Morgan Hill you need to a tobacco permit.  A tobacco permit can be processed concurrently with a Business License Application.

Unique Permits

Construction Related Permits

  • Interior building improvements If you are making modifications within a building, like changing lighting, HVAC, plumbing fixtures, adding/removing walls, you will at a minimum need a building permit.
  • Exterior building improvements. If you are proposing exterior modifications to a building, for example: constructing a new building, adding an addition, adding windows, signs,  you will need to start with a planning permit. If you are modifying the interior of a building, like HVAC, plumbing, new walls, demolition, or  exterior work like a new roof, deck, pool, fence, solar panels, you will need a building permit.