Residential Projects





  • Depot-Latala: Summary. Project consists of 49 multi-family units with 3,000 square foot office space in conjunction with the realignment of Depot Street to Church Street and East Dunne intersection.


  • Diana-Mana. Summary. The project consists of 24 single-family residences at the intersection of Diana Avenue and Lotus Way.
  • East Dunne-Kyono. Summary. Future Development of 32 residential units on E. Dunne Avenue.
  • East Dunne Ross. Summary. Zoning amendment to allow low density housing on E. Dunne Avenue.
  • East Dunne-Young. Summary. Project consists of 46 residential dwelling units on East Dunne.
  • Hale Lumber (Depot-Latalla). Summary. Project consists of 48 residential dwelling units on Depot Street.


  • East Dunne-Busk. Summary. Future Development of 14 residential units on E. Dunne Avenue
  • Laurel DeRose. Summary. Project consists of 15 residential dwelling units on Laurel Road.
  • Monterey Central. Summary. Project consists of 14 residential dwelling units on Monterey Road
  • Monterey Young. Summary. Project consists of 37 residential dwelling units on Monterey and Watsonville Roads.
  • West Dunne- Gera. Summary. Project consists of 17 residential dwelling units on West Dunne and Monterey Road.
  • Walnut Grove - Newland Homes. Summary.  Project consists of 5 residential dwelling units on Diana and Walnut Avenues.


  • Dunne-EAH (Belle Allori). Summary. Future Development of 14 multi-family residential units on E. Dunne Avenue. 
  • Monterey EAH. Summary.  Project consists of 19 affordable residential development units


  • Butterfield-Keenan. Summary. Future Development of 409 residential units on Butterfield and Jarvis Drive.
  • Oak Meadow Plaza. Summary. Project consists of 56 residential units on West Edmundson Avenue.


  • Campoli Residential Projects. Summary. Future Development of 21 residential units on Campoli Drive.
  • Ciolino-City of Morgan Hill. Residential Development project located at the southwest corner of Monterey Road and Ciolino Avenue.
  • Cochrane-Borello. Summary. Future Development of 244 residential units on Peet Road.
  • Cochrane-Standard Pacific. Summary. Future Development of 127 residential units on Cochrane and Mission View.
  • Condit-Evergreen. Summary. Future Development of 381 residential units on Condit and San Pedro 
  • East Dunne Park. Summary. Future Development of 23 residential units on E. Dunne Avenue
  • Morgan Lane (Main-Glenrock). Summary. Project consists of 12 residential units on East Main Avenue.


  • Monterey Dynasty. Summary.  Project consists of 130 residential dwelling units and 27,000 commercial