Morgan Hill Apartments

The Braddock & Logan project, Morgan Hill Apartments is a 389-unit multi-family residential apartment project. The apartments are part of a larger 58-acre masterplan project that includes up to 600,000 gross square feet of new industrial development, an approximately 3 acre private park with public access, and an extension of Sutter Boulevard.


The project is located between Monterey Road and Butterfield Boulevard, south of Jarvis Drive, and north of Digital Drive. 


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Project Plans and Specifications

Architectural Rendering (PDF)

Landscape Plan (PDF)

Site Plan (PDF)

Environmental Review

CEQA: Previously adopted EIR for a General Plan Amendment (GPA 14-04 Butterfield-Keenan (MWest)) and Addendum- State Clearinghouse No. 2014072009. Click here for more information. 

Approval Process

After not being awarded sufficient allocations to build the project through the City’s Residential Development Control System (RDCS) process and having an appeal denied, the developer sued the City under the Housing Accountability Act to allow this project to move forward in a single phase. The Santa Clara County Superior Court ruled:

“The Housing Accountability Act (Government Code section 65589.5) preempts conflicting requirements of the City’s RDCS ordinance. …  Accordingly, the Project must be treated as exempt from the requirement to receive RDCS allotments.”  

The Court also directed the City to take action on the application within 60 days. 

The Development Agreement (DA) allows the project to be developed as exempt from RDCS in accordance with the Housing Accountability Act and the Stipulated Judgement. Exhibit C of the DA describes the Developer Commitments, which are consistent with the commitments the project made in the RDCS competition. The primary impact of the Development Agreement is that the project will be allowed to develop as a single phase, without the need to compete for housing allotments.

Design Review Approval for this project is Administrative under the Development Agreement.

All interested persons are invited to review and provide comments on the plans for the above project. Hard copies of the project plans are available at the City Hall/Development Services Center located at 17575 Peak Avenue, and may be viewed during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), Monday through Friday.

In order to be considered in the Administrative Review and Decision process, your letter or e-mail must be received by the Development Services Department no later than March 3, 2020. Further details may be obtained from the Development Services Department at telephone number 408-778-6480 or

Click here to view the City Council staff report, which includes the Development Agreement, Court Judgement and other related documents.