Morgan Hill Technology Park (APPLICATION WITHDRAWN 9/18/2020) 

The original application to develop 57.8 acres has been withdrawn. The applicant has now submitted a smaller 29 acres project know as Redwood Tech 101.

The Morgan Hill Technology Park application was withdrawn by the applicant on September 18, 2020.

For information regarding the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) please visit the EIR page

The project proposes a mix of industrial, commercial, and residential uses on the 89-acre site. The industrial and commercial portions of the project would be located on approximately 61 acres on the western half of the site. The project would develop 1.04 million square feet of light industrial uses contained in six buildings on a 57.8-acre area of the site west of De Paul Drive, 45,000 square feet of industrial office in one building situated between the industrial buildings on a 2.31-acre parcel, and 50,000 square feet of retail/commercial on a 2.92-acre parcel fronting on Cochrane Road. The residential portion of the project east of De Paul Drive would consist of approximately 319 residential units on 28 acres in the eastern and southern portion of the site. DePaul Drive would be widened and improved to provide a minimum width of 72 feet and extended south from the existing reach to the right-of-way of Half Road. 

The Commercial and Industrial components of the project are currently configured in six parcels on the west side of De Paul Drive totaling approximately 61 acres, with Commercial and Commercial/Industrial General Plan land use designations and located within three zoning districts: PUD Highway Commercial (CH), Administrative Office (CO), and PUD Light Industrial (IL). The applicant proposes to reconfigure the property into eight legal lots (one commercial, six commercial/industrial parcels controlled by the applicant, and one existing commercial/industrial parcel not controlled by the applicant); amending the General Plan land use designation of the site to consist of 2.9± acres of Commercial and 57± acres of Commercial/Industrial through a General Plan Amendment (File No. GPA2019-0002); and establish a Planned Development (PD) Combining District over the commercial and industrial project area through a Zoning Amendment (File No. ZA2019-0005).

Fiscal Impact Analysis of the Morgan Hill Technology Park (PDF)

Project Location

The approximately 89-acre site is located west of Mission View Road, south of Cochrane Road, east of US 101, and north of Half Road (APN: 728-30-001 through -004; 728-30-006, -008, -009; 728-31-014 through -016).

Informational Handouts

The City has received many questions regarding the Morgan Hill Technology Park and Residential Mixed-Use Development Environmental Impact Report (EIR). To keep the community informed, we have created the below Summary Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


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Project Plans and Specifications:

Proposed General Plan and Zoning Amendment (PDF)

Environmental Review

The City of Morgan Hill, as the Lead Agency, has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed industrial/commercial/residential project in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the CEQA Guidelines. Click here for more information. 

Preliminary Review Information filed under Application SR2019-0029

Preliminary Review of Revised Proposed Planned Development Project Filed Under Application SR2019-0029: DePaul – TC Morgan Hill Ventures. The Project is also referred to as the Morgan Hill Technology Park (Trammell Crow).

This item is a review of a revised site plan for the proposed Planned Development project located on the north side of Half Road, south side of Cochrane Road and west of the southerly extension of DePaul Drive. (APN’s 728-30-006, -008, -009 and APN’s 728-31-014, -015 and -016)

Preliminary Review Hearing Application and Materials (12/10/19)

View Public Notice for December 10, 2019 Meeting

View Staff Report and Staff Presentation from December 10, 2019 meeting

Public Hearing of the Planning Commission of a Preliminary Review for a Proposed Planned Development Project Filed Under Application SR2019-0029: DePaul-TC Morgan Hill Ventures also known as The Morgan Hill Technology Park (Trammell Crow)

Continued Public Hearing with Planning Commission - October 22, 2019, 7:00 p.m. 

View Staff Report from October 15, 2019 meeting

Preliminary Review Hearing Application and Materials (10/15/19)

View Staff Report from October 15, 2019 meeting

View Revised Public Notice for October 15, 2019 meeting

View Public Notice for October 15, 2019 meeting

Informational Handouts Based Upon Questions From the Community (May 2019)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) 

Public Comments Received through June 20, 2019 (PDF) 

Summary Information about the Morgan Hill Technology Park EIR (PDF) 

Detailed information about the Morgan Hill Technology Park EIR (PDF)

Community Meeting to Discuss Proposed Project

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, a Community Meeting was held to answer questions about the proposed project.

View the video of the community meeting

View the PowerPoint presentation (PDF)