Private Sewer Lateral Program: Inspection and Repair 

The City of Morgan Hill is committed to the health of the community and the environment. The inspection and repair of sewer lateral lines is an important part of ensuring that sewage overflows do not occur. Stormwater intrusion into sewer lines has resulted in sewage overflows that can pollute local creeks and rivers and could ultimately compromise drinking water quality. Historically, these overflows have caused the City problems and we are continuously working on solutions.

What is a Private Sewer Lateral?

A private sewer lateral is a pipeline that transports wastewater from all the drains of a residence or building to the City sewer main. This privately-owned pipe collects and transports the wastewater from output sources such as toilets, showers, urinals, etc. This pipeline, typically but not always, travels from the exterior of the house, under the ground of a yard, under the sidewalk and sometimes the street, and connects to the City sewer main. The entirety of a private sewer lateral is privately-owned and maintained by the property owner. Private sanitary sewer collection systems are also required to be inspected by the proposed City ordinance.

Typical Sewer Connection resize

Typical Sewer Connection East Bay resize(Courtesy City of Santa Cruz website)         (Courtesy East Bay Municipal Utility                                                                                                                    District)

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