UP2020-0005: Railroad-Goyal

A Conditional Use Permit approval is requested to operate a freight terminal in conjunction with the development of an approximately 21,000 square foot industrial development on a 2.66-acre site located at 16500 Railroad Avenue. AU Energy is proposing to construct a 13,000 square foot truck terminal building (Phase 1-Building A) and an 8,000 square foot industrial office building (Phase 2-Building B). The company’s fleet of (12) tanker trucks will be dispatched to deliver gasoline products to service stations in the Bay Area. The truck delivery tanks are filled at an off-site location and all truck delivery tanks are empty prior to returning to the proposed facility. An on-site above ground fuel tank is proposed as part of the project to be used to fuel the individual delivery trucks. AU Energy is currently operating their truck terminal on the neighboring site to the north at 16530 Railroad Avenue.

Environmental Review

An initial study in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act was completed and it was determined that the project qualified for a Categorical Exemption pursuant to Sections 15332 and 15300.2 (Infill Development).

Initial Study