Monterey - Morgan Hill Senior Housing

Monterey - Morgan Hill Senior Housing

The Morgan Hill Senior Housing project is an 82-unit affordable senior apartment project. The project would be comprised of 81 one-bedroom apartments for low-income seniors as defined according to the Santa Clara County AMI and one 2-bedroom unit provided for an on-site Property Manager.  This will be a three-story fully-finished modular residential housing development. The new development would include landscaping, a private south-facing courtyard, a shaded entry canopy to a garden waiting area for on-site resident pick-up/drop-off, and thirty-seven off-street parking spaces.


The two-acre site is bounded by Monterey Road, San Pedro Avenue, and Church Street within the Mixed-Use Flex Zoning District.

Project Plans

Environmental Documents

The project is exempt from CEQA and is not subject to any of the exceptions set forth in Section 15300.2 of the CEQA Guidelines. As demonstrated throughout this Initial Study, the proposed project qualifies for exemption under CEQA Guidelines Section 15332, Class 32 (In-fill Development). To view the Initial Study and the Notice of Exemption, please follow the links below:

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