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Mental Health America – Men’s Mental Health: 

National Institute of Mental Health – Men and Mental Health: 

Suicide Prevention Resource Center: 

Movember – Men’s Health 
* End the stigma and start the conversation about men’s mental health.

* Provides information and practical tips to manage and prevent depression. 

Suicide Prevention Campaigns
Everyone has bad days and growing older can come with difficult challenges. Feeling depressed is not the only sign that something is wrong. There may be other issues that show you need help. 

(*See below to access County prevention campaign flyers, marketing materials and resources)

Middle Age Men PDF (English, Spanish) 

Campaign Websites:

Rebekah Children’s Services
RCS offers parenting classes and support groups specifically for fathers. Classes and groups are designed to increase knowledge among fathers about positive parenting and developing self-awareness and compassion. The can be contacted through or 408-846-2100.