Carry Concealed Weapon License

The Morgan Hill Police Department (MHPD) is dedicated to the safety of residents. A Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) license authorizes a private person to carry a concealed firearm in public. The Chief of Police is authorized to issue CCW licenses to City residents who qualify under California law.

CCW license applicants are to read, consider, and understand the Morgan Hill Police Department Policy regarding a CCW license (MHPD Policy 218 (PDF)).

All CCW licensees acknowledge and understand the licensee is responsible for all liability for, injury to, or death of any person, or damage to any property that may result through any act or omission of either the licensee or the agency that issued the license.  In the event any claim, suit, or action is brought against the agency that issued the license, its chief officer or any of its employees the licensee shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Morgan Hill Police Department and the City of Morgan Hill, its chief officers or any of its employees from such claim, suit, or action.  

General Information

All applicants are subjected to the requirements below, which are divided into two (2) phases.  Applicants are encouraged to review information within the phases, as specific and unwavering details are provided relating to the completion of each condition.

Phase I

  • Completion of a CCW License Application
  • Fingerprints/Live Scan
  • Proof of at Least 21 Years of Age
  • Residency within the boundaries of the Morgan Hill Police Department
  • Fees for New CCW License
  • Reference/Character Letters
  • Proof of an Automated Firearms System Record which associates the applicant to a firearm listed on a CCW License
  • Ability to own and/or Possess a Firearm
  • Good Moral Character

Phase II

  • Interview with CCW License Applicant
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Firearms Training, Inspection & Safety
    • Training certificates must be dated after receiving "approval" to proceed to this requirement.

Firearms Information

  • No more than three (3) weapons will be authorized/listed on a CCW license.  
  • No “AR Pistol” platform or similar style handguns will be approved.
  • The handgun must be capable of being concealed upon a person. 
  • Only department approved calibers will be authorized.


California DOJ Bureau of Firearms, CCW, and Firearms Information

Morgan Hill CCW Inquiries; General Information