Southeast Quadrant

Agricultural Lands Preservation Program & Southeast Quadrant Land Use Plan

The city is currently in the process of establishing a Citywide Agricultural Lands Preservation Program and evaluating proposed General Plan Amendments, Zoning Amendments, and boundary adjustments within an area referred to as the Southeast Quadrant (SEQ). The SEQ area encompasses approximately 1,290 acres and is generally bounded by Condit Road and Highway 101 to the west, San Pedro Avenue to the north, Carey Avenue to the east, and Maple Avenue to the south. A key goal of the project is to encourage the preservation and enhancement of open space/agriculture while identifying certain properties for compatible development with sports, recreation, and leisure uses. The project is anticipated to result in the development of a portion of the SEQ area, while ensuring that agricultural activity and open space is maintained and permanently preserved in the SEQ area and citywide.


The objectives of the proposed project are to:

  • Preserve Open Space / Agricultural Lands
    • Adopt an Agricultural Lands Preservation Program that provides for the permanent preservation of agricultural lands within Morgan Hill through land use planning, agricultural preservation policies/programs, and agricultural mitigation.
    • Strengthen the city's historic role as an agricultural center, and its identity as an active, healthy, quality, fun, family-friendly community. Identify specific viable agricultural lands within the SEQ area as a priority for permanent preservation.
    • Identify specific viable agricultural lands within the SEQ area as a priority for permanent preservation.
  • Establish a Land Use Planning Framework
    • Establish an Urban Limit Line within the SEQ area and extend the Urban Growth Boundary, Urban Service Area and city limits over an appropriate portion of the SEQ.
    • Allow for land uses that enhance job creation and economic development objectives.
    • Support new "sports, recreation and leisure" uses within the SEQ through General Plan land use and zoning code designations.
    • Provide for a transition of land uses and zoning with more intensive land uses and activities to occur close to Highway101, and less intensive land uses and activities to occur further east.
    • Create an open space/agricultural greenbelt along the southern edge of the city's sphere of influence boundary.
  • Work cooperatively with property owners
    • Use clustering of existing residential development rights to achieve greater open space / agricultural preservation.
    • Develop a new, private high school in the southern portion of Santa Clara County to serve existing and future local demand for private education.

Contact Information

For any questions regarding the SEQ and/or the Agricultural Lands Preservation Program, contact Planning at 408-778-6480 or via email, or send in writing to:

City of Morgan Hill -Planning
17575 Peak Avenue
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

CEQA Process Documents

Draft Environmental Impact Report


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Additional Information

Additional information about this project can be found on the Southeast Quadrant Project webpage.