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Jun 13

One Year of Magic at the Magical Bridge Playground in Morgan Hill

Posted on June 13, 2023 at 5:49 PM by Nichole Martin

It’s Sky view of the Morgan Hill Magical Bridge Playgroundbeen one year since the Magical Bridge Playground opened in Morgan Hill. A project that was the product of hard work from dedicated volunteers, fundraising efforts, and City support over several years, the playground is now a symbol of inclusivity, acceptance, and hope. A space where people of all ages and all abilities can share experiences, laugh, and play!

At an event on June 3, 2023, the community came together to celebrate this magical space. Resource booths and crafts were hosted in the classroom area, performances took place at the Edward Boss Prado Playhouse Stage, and families enjoyed the warm summer weather as they raced from zone to zone discovering new ways to play throughout the playground. The event also had a brief program honoring and thanking the work of dedicated founders Shirlee and Ron Locicero.

Efforts are underway to grow programming at the playground. If you or someone you know are interested in sharing their talents at the playground, such as playing an instrument, dancing, singing, performing poetry, storytelling, or something similar, please contact Chiquy Mejia at for more information.

Volunteers are also needed at the playground. Positions are available for 16-year-olds and up, including Make It Magical Volunteers (16+), Make It Magical Volunteer Lead (18+), and Make It Magical Volunteer Entertainment and Art Ambassador (18+). If you’re interested in getting involved, please submit your volunteer interest form online. Please note, some volunteer roles may require a background check, finger printing or a TB test. Please allow two weeks for processing these requirements.

If you’re interested in helping to ensure the playground remains magical for years to come, please consider making a donation to support the ongoing maintenance of the playground. These funds help to keep the playground clean, in excellent condition, and can help with needed repairs or additions to the playground. Online donations are accepted at

The City of Morgan Hill is thankful for the support of the community to make this playground a reality in Morgan Hill! We hope to see you and your loved ones enjoying the space and making magical memories that will last a lifetime!