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Jul 18

Parks and Recreation Places and Spaces

Posted on July 18, 2023 at 5:00 PM by Nichole Martin

July is Parks and Recreation month! This is a time to celebrate the places and spaces that make up Morgan Hill’s Parks and Recreation. There are so many places in Morgan Hill to enjoy and partake in recreational opportunities.

A few of the local favorite parks include the year-old Magical Bridge Playground and the surrounding Community Park, Railroad Park in the heart of downtown, and the hidden gem of Nob Hill Trail Park at the top of Del Monte Avenue adjacent to downtown. These playgrounds offer unique, free play for the community to enjoy. The Magical Bridge Playground features inclusive attractions for all ages such as a large musical harp, a playhouse sponsored by the Edward Boss Prado Foundation, and various zones dedicated to sliding, spinning, and swinging for all ages and abilities. Surrounding the playground is the expansive Community Park offering a dog park, tennis courts, baseball fields, and pickleball courts!

Railroad Park is located near the Caltrain lot in the heart of downtown. Just steps from housing, restaurants, and a weekly Saturday Farmers’ Market. Themed to match the nearby trains, this park features multiple climbing apparatus for children to enjoy. The Nob Hill Trail Park is a bit of a hidden gem. Nestled near the top of the roadway where Del Monte Avenue turns to Third Street, this active park has outdoor workout equipment and two large slides that mirror the slope of the hillside.

Another popular trail in our community is the West Little Llagas Creek Trail that spans a significant length from South to North Morgan Hill. This trail winds along the West Little Llagas Creek from Spring Avenue to Watsonville Road. Soon, the trailway will extend the southern end to Silviera Lake. This trail is multi-use and perfect for walking, biking, and rolling through Morgan Hill.

In addition to parks throughout the City, there are also a few recreational facilities. These facilities have been serving the community since their opening dates, some nearly 20 years ago! These facilities include the Morgan Hill Aquatics Center, the Centennial Recreation Center, the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center, and the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center. These are great facilities for swimming and aquatics, fitness, classes and courses, events, and sports programs and tournaments.

Morgan Hill boasts over 15 public parks and recreation facilities. Each park, trail or facility is different from one another. Some are more active, leading with playgrounds and equipment. Others are more passive, with benches and quiet areas great for reflection, reading, or simply enjoying the scenery. What Park is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.