Where can I board MoGo?

Pick-up and drop-off is available at designated virtual stop locations within the Morgan Hill city limits. Virtual stops are located within 0.25 miles of most areas of the City including neighborhoods, commercial centers, and community spaces. Virtual stops are places where drivers can safely pull over to board passengers. 

When you book your ride, type the pick-up location and drop-off location and the app will direct you to the nearest virtual stop for your MoGo ride. 

MoGo virtual stops do not have a physical sign to designate where they are. Follow the instructions given when you book your ride or via the text or app updates to tell you where your stop is located. For instance, "Alkire at Peak - At the bus stop on the SW corner" OR "Centennial Recreation Center - At the drop-off location near the entrance of the Centennial Recreation Center" or "SB Monterey at 3rd Street - at the bus stop on the SW corner".

Explore the MoGo Virtual Stop Map.

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