What is a private sanitary sewer collection system?

This is a combination of multiple residences on a common interest development, for example apartment complexes or office buildings, where multiple lateral lines from the exterior of the building(s) combine to a private main sewer line that connects to the main public sewer line, including the connection. Townhome, condominium, apartment complex, and duplexes may be either PSSCS or PSL depending on the connection between the building and the city sewer main. Contact the City if clarification is needed for the property. 

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1. What is a private sewer lateral?
2. Who is affected by this program?
3. What are the responsibilities of private property owners?
4. Where do I start?
5. What does the inspection consist of?
6. What if repairs need to be made?
7. Does a Qualified Contractor have to perform the repairs/replacement?
8. What if this delays the sale of the property?
9. What is a private sanitary sewer collection system?
10. Why do I need a Certificate of Compliance?