Elected Official Compensation and Benefit Summary

Elected Officials include: Mayor, Council members, City Treasurer, and City Clerk. Elected Officials are part-time regular employees of the City for the duration of their elected terms.

Compensation for elected officials per City Ordinance No. 1780 and Council Resolution No. 5235:

Official    Monthly Salary
Mayor    $834
Council Member    $313
City Treasurer    $200
City Clerk    $200

Special Compensation:
Elected officials may be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses for City business related travel, conferences, and meetings. The details are referenced in Administrative Policy III006.

Health Benefits:
The Mayor, Council Members, City Treasurer, and City Clerk are eligible for health benefits when enrolled in the CalPERS retirement system per Council Resolution 5493. The formulas are as follows:

•    For family (employee plus at least two dependents) health care the City will pay 90% of the total cost of the lowest cost medical plan provided by the City, plus dental insurance.
•    For employees with one dependent the City will pay 96.5% of the total cost of the lowest cost medical plan plus dental insurance.
•    For employee-only coverage the City will pay 100% of the lowest-cost medical plan plus dental insurance.
Understanding that the formulas and employee cost calculations can become complicated, a sample table with the possible combinations of medical and dental coverage and their costs is included in this packet.

The City does not participate in or contribute toward Social Security, other than the required Medicare portion. Elected officials have the choice of enrolling in PERS retirement system or PARS retirement system. Those enrolled in PERS are responsible to pay the employee contribution to CalPERS which is 9.752% of the employee’s salary taken as a pre-tax payroll deduction for "Classic" employees hired in a CalPERS agency prior to January 1, 2013, and 8.002% for "PEPRA" employees hired after the January 2013 date. Those enrolled in PARS pay the employee contribution of 7.5% of salary, taken as a pre-tax payroll deduction. Unlike CalPERS, the City does not contribute toward this retirement system. There are a few exceptions:

1.    Elected officials who are CalPERS members as a result of other concurrent full-time employment are not eligible to enroll in CalPERS as an elected official.
2.    Elected officials who are receiving CalPERS retirement benefits are not eligible to enroll in CalPERS as an elected official.
3.     Elected officials who wish to wish to enroll in the City’s CalPERS medical benefits must enroll in the PERS retirement system.

Optional Health Benefits:
Any remaining Health Benefit Allowance, after selecting or waiving medical and dental benefits, may be applied toward other optional benefits.  These benefits may also be purchased at the elected official’s expense though pre-tax payroll deduction. These include:

1.    EyeMed Vision Care insurance.  Coverage options include employee only, employee + one dependent, or employee + family.
2.     Reimbursable out-of-pocket medical expenses (expenses not reimbursed through medical insurance).  The maximum annual contribution for this option in 2017 is $2,600 through the City’s 125 plan.
3.    Reimbursable Child and Dependent Care expenses (Section 125 plan). The maximum annual contribution for this option is $5,000.

Other Benefits:
Elected officials are covered by the City paid workers compensation insurance plan.

City Ordinance No. 1780 – Salaries of Council Members and Mayor (PDF)
Resolution No. 5235:  Salaries of City Clerk and City Treasurer (PDF)
Resolution No. 5493:  Elected Officials Medical Benefits (PDF)
Resolution No. 16-105: Management, Professional and Confidential Salary and             Benefits (PDF)
Administrative Policy III006 – Travel and Conference Expenses (PDF)
Sample Management/ Confidential Kaiser HMO 2017 Rate Table (PDF)
2017 Medical Plans Rate Summary (PDF)
PARS Plan Information Sheet (PDF)