Common Code Complaints

To file a complaint please complete an Online Complaint Form.

  • Work without permits - Most structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work requires a permit. Please call the Building Division at 408-778-6480 for assistance. Penalty fees are assessed for work started without first obtaining a permit.
  • Graffiti - The best approach to eliminating graffiti is removing it as soon as possible.
  • Illegal home occupations - Please refer to section 18.48.055 of the Municipal Code for more information on home occupations.
  • Junk and debris in the front yard - The property owner or tenant is required to maintain their premises free of junk, debris, trash, litter, etc.
  • Overgrown vegetation and weeds - The property owner or tenant is required to maintain their property free of weeds and overgrown vegetation.
  • Structures - Illegal garage conversions, additions, sheds, etc. Before starting any project, please contact the Building Division via email, or call
    408-778-6480, if you are unsure whether a permit is required.
  • Maintenance of vacant lots - Vacant lots shall be maintained free of trash, debris, weeds, etc.

Important Note
The majority of code complaints are resolved through letters and personal contact with the property owner. Citations are only issued when compliance is not achieved through these methods.