Community Growth During a Drought

Water Use and Growth

While the Morgan Hill community has grown over the past 20 years, the same is not true for water use. In fact, water use in 2020 was just about the same as it was in 2000 – even with community growth.  

This is largely because new development is much more efficient and Morgan Hill residents and businesses are now using water more carefully. Our per capita water use is down roughly 25 percent.  

Water Use Daily per Person MH Chart

Regardless, there is much discussion in California about how climate change may impact the water supply system. With this in mind, and in recognition that about half of the water consumed in Morgan Hill is imported from the Delta, staff will be focusing on this issue in the coming months and further analyzing approaches to ensure that the community has a resilient and sustainable water supply. We anticipate bringing back some policy options for City Council consideration in the Fall of 2021.

*Figures and charted information from the City of Morgan Hill, the California Department of Finance, and the U.S. Census Bureau