Maps Submitted

Final Map Adopted

At the May 18, 2022, City Council meeting, the Council adopted resolution 22-035 selecting Map NDC Green as the City's new City Council District Map. With the adoption of a new map, the City of Morgan Hill's redistricting process is now complete. While the redistricting process is complete, this page remains live to serve as an archive of the election changes including the schedule, draft maps, and resources. Thank you to all those in the community that took the time to participate in this important process. 

NDC Green Map

At the February 16, 2022 City Council Redistricting Workshop, the Council reviewed the draft maps and directed staff to bring the following maps to the March 2, 2022, City Council Public Hearing for consideration:

Since Map 105 was the only map submitted by an Advocacy group, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), and was the only map that specifically identified a community of interest, staff are including it in the March 2, 2022, Public Hearing for consideration.

Once draft maps are submitted and reviewed by the demographer, a printable version of each proposed map will be listed below, including a second page providing the demographics of each district in each map.  

Interactive web viewer tool

Draft Maps: