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Week of October 2, 2023 City Image For "The Scoop" Weekly Construction and Maintenance Update

Road Closures & Major Project Updates

New items this week are listed with two asterisks (**). 

New! Maintenance Service Request System

Introducing a new way to request City maintenance services! Report a problem or request service such as water leaks, questions concerning water meters, sidewalk repair, tree trimming, graffiti abatement, traffic signal issues, street light outage, illegal dump, storm flooding, backed up culvert, or park maintenance issues using the new SeeClickFix system. Please visit the SeeClickFix website at or download the SeeClickFix app on your smart phone to create an account today!

**2023 Pavement Rehabilitation Project

The City of Morgan Hill is preparing for the upcoming annual pavement rehabilitation project which is intended to address the City's pavement rehabilitation needs. The work will take place from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Work will be taking place through several neighborhoods throughout the City beginning in early September 2023, and will continue through the end of November 2023. Once paving work is completed, crews will start utility cover preparation and restoration, as well as final striping. The areas of significant work include:

  • Main Avenue between Monterey Road and Butterfield Boulevard
  • La Cross Drive and adjacent side streets near Paradise School
  • Oak View Circle in the Jackson Oaks area
  • East Middle Avenue between Monterey Road and the railroad tracks.

Please plan for extra time through these areas, and plan to utilize alternative routes whenever possible. For questions or additional information, please contact us at 

For the Week of October 2nd to October 7th

  • 10/2– 3” Grind at LaCrosse Circle from La Grande to Vineyard (2nd half of street)
    • Limited Access (Expect Delays) from 8am to 6pm
    • La Jolla Court
    • La Bella Court
    • La Mar Court
    • La Mesa Court
    • La Sierra Court
    • La Honda Court
    • Paradise Park Parking Lot will not be accessible.
    • Lower Utility boxes at East Main Avenue from Butterfield Blvd. to Monterey Road and Oak View Circle
  • 10/3– 3” Pave at LaCrosse Circle from La Grande to Vineyard (2nd Half of Street)
    • No Access except for emergency vehicles from 8am to 6 pm
    • La Jolla Court
    • La Bella Court
    • La Mar Court
    • La Mesa Court
    • La Sierra Court
    • La Honda Court
    • Paradise Park Parking Lot will not be accessible.
    • Lower Utility boxes at East Main Avenue from Butterfield Blvd. to Monterey Road and Oak View Circle
  • 10/4 – Lower Utility boxes at East Main Avenue from Butterfield Blvd. to Monterey Road and Oak View Circle
  • 10/5 – Lower Utility boxes at East Main Avenue from Butterfield Blvd. to Monterey Road and Oak View Circle
  • 10/6 – 3” Grind at LaCrosse Circle from La Escuela to La Prenda (full street), including La Roda and La Rena Court
    • Very Limited Access at La Roda and La Rena Ct.
    • No access except for Emergency Vehicles, School Buses, and School Children Pickup
    • Lower Utility boxes at East Main Avenue from Butterfield Blvd. to Monterey Road and Oak View Circle
  • 10/7 – 3” Pave at LaCrosse Circle from La Prenda (full street), including La Roda and La Rena Ct.
    • No Access except for Emergency Vehicles from 8am to 6pm

Safety Improvements on E. Dunne Ave. at Gallop Dr. & Thomas Grade

The City Engineering Division working with the Police Department intends to modify the intersection at East Dunne Avenue and Gallop Drive/Thomas Grade to improve safety. After conducting a review of the intersection, it has been determined that eliminating left turn movements from Gallop Drive and Thomas Grade onto East Dunne Avenue will increase vehicle safety and has the potential to reduce collisions. Beginning on Saturday, September 30th, drivers will no longer be able to turn left from northbound Gallop Drive onto East Dunne Avenue, and will no longer be able to turn left from southbound Thomas Grade onto East Dunne Avenue. There are sufficient alternative routes in the area available for drivers. Informational warning signs will be added to the area prior to construction.

Controlled Blasting @ Anderson Dam Tunnel Project

The East Main Sewer Main Project includes the removal and replacement of a 12" sewer main from McLaughlin Avenue to the Railroad tracks. Patch paving work continues this week. Working hours will be from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Jackson Oaks Water Main Project

Work includes replacement of approximately 1,500 LF of water main at Oak View Circle and Hilltop Court. The project will continue through the end of October 2023.

BlueWave Express Carwash Project at Monterey Rd. and Cochrane Rd.

The BlueWave Express Carwash Project, located on the northwest corner of Monterey Road and Cochrane Road intersection, had restarted work along the Monterey Road frontage which involves the installation of new curb, gutter, and sidewalk. The work along Monterey Road will continue for the next few weeks.

Hale Avenue Extension Project

The northern portion of Hale Avenue between Dunne Avenue and Main Avenue will remain closed until Valley Water completes the Upper Llagas Creek Flood Protection project. Project completion is estimated for January 2024, pending no construction delays or issues. 

Please respect all construction signage, as it is there for your safety, and the safety of the workers. Thank you for your patience and understanding. For additional information and updates please visit the project page.

As part of the Upper Llagas Creek Flood Protection Project, Valley Water will be working on the Hale Avenue & Main Avenue intersection and a short section of Hale Avenue this summer. The project will be installing box culverts underneath Hale Avenue to eventually help eliminate flooding from existing West Little Llagas Creek throughout Morgan Hill. 

West Main Avenue will remain open throughout this construction.  The Shopping Center at the corner of West Main Avenue and Hale Avenue will remain accessible Updates on the City of Morgan Hill website: Upper Llagas Creek Flood Control Project | City of Morgan Hill, CA - Official Website

Upper Llagas Creek Flood Protection Project – Phase 2A

This project is being managed and implemented by Valley Water to provide flood protection to the Morgan Hill community in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the State to plan, design, and construct improvements along 13.9 miles of channel. The federally authorized preferred project protects the urban area of Morgan Hill from a 1% (or 100-year) flood and reduces the frequency of flooding in surrounding areas. Construction includes channel modifications and the replacement of road crossings.  

Phase 2A: (a portion of Reach 8) Construct approximately 2,300 linear feet of a horseshoe-shaped underground tunnel 14-foot x 10 foot and approximately 1,600 linear feet of 10 ft. x 9 ft. twin Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts (RCBs) upstream and downstream of the proposed tunnel to carry high water flows in Morgan Hill. Low flows will remain within the existing creek that winds through downtown Morgan Hill in Reach 8. Construction is expected to take 2.5 years and will include traffic control, detours, utility coordination and relocation, and public outreach. The construction contract was awarded to Flatiron West, Inc. for $44 million. Learn more about this project at

**Flatiron and PG&E have completed the undergrounding of overhead electric lines at the Hale/Main intersection and Warren and Nob Hill Avenues. The box culvert is almost complete along Hale Avenue. The tunnel work is complete. Work has commenced on Hale Avenue south of Main Avenue to construct the road improvements.

Significant Utility Related Roadwork to Occur Throughout Morgan Hill

Several communications companies are currently working on upgrading and installing new communication cables and conduit throughout the city. This work includes cutting into the roadway and placing or repairing cables and conduit. It also includes placing fiber optic cable on existing poles or installing new underground facilities into the roadway and/or onto sidewalk areas. 

Construction crews for Frontier are performing fiber optic internet installation in the Spring Hill neighborhood in the vicinity of Spring Avenue and Spring Hill Drive. Additional crews are performing sidewalk and pavement restoration in the vicinity of La Crosse Drive and La Mirada Court, La Porte Court and La Prenda Court, Watsonville Road and Via Corfino, La Rocca Court and Drive, and Diana Avenue and Grand Prix Way. Although restoration work is substantially complete in those areas, work will continue on an on-going basis as new fiber optic internet conduit and equipment is installed. Crews will be confined to the parking areas of these roadways; however, they may be required to briefly stop traffic for repositioning. Please be mindful of 72-hour no parking notices and sidewalk closures associated with these locations.

Work is occurring in multiple areas and may include road closures or lane reductions. You may also see paint markings or small flags of varying color for utilities in your area. These markings are to indicate the locations of other utility lines in the area, and to ensure that damage and outages do not occur as a result of the work the telecommunications company is doing to update or install their cables. This work should not impact your utility service. Utility companies should be using chalk paint so the markings will remain only temporarily.

One of the largest companies doing work throughout the city is Frontier Communications who is using the subcontractor Golden State Utility Company for the installation. Golden State Utility Company will be placing door hangers in neighborhoods prior to the start of work. Golden State Utility Company may be required to place new underground facilities and equipment in some neighborhoods. In those cases, there will be three phases of installation: 1. Marking and exposing of existing utilities, 2. Installation of conduit, utility boxes and Fiber Optic lines and 3. Restoration of concrete sidewalk and asphalt roadway. Temporary trench backfill and temporary trench coverings may be used for a period of time prior to restoration.  

For information on the Frontier project and service availability, residents can contact Frontier directly at 877-436-0325 (residential), 877-414-1311 (business), or visit for more information. Please remember to drive cautiously through construction areas and follow signage for detours. Whenever possible, try to utilize alternate routes while the work is being completed.  

If you have questions or see anything that looks unsafe, please contact the City at For immediate safety issues call 911. 

Temporary Closure of Sections of Mission View Dr. and Eagle View Dr.

The City has elected to temporarily close sections of Mission View Drive and Eagle View Drive to aid in the prevention and enforcement of unsafe use of the streets in this area. Roadway closures began in February 2021. For additional information visit: 

Edes Art Gallery at Second Street and Monterey Road

The Edes Art Gallery on 2nd Street and Monterey Road in downtown has received building permits and is beginning construction. This is a 2-story, 6,600 SF building for a fine art gallery. Completion is expected in 2024. 

Roadwork Updates 

Downtown Public Spaces

The City of Morgan Hill is working with local businesses in the Downtown to allow business uses, such as restaurants, to expand onto sidewalks, parking spaces and other public spaces. There may be limited traffic control devices and construction work occurring on Monterey Road and adjacent side streets in the Downtown. For information contact Chris Ghione at

Monterey Sewer Trunk Line to Gilroy Project

This project proposes to construct a new parallel sewer trunk line from the Harding/Highland intersection to Renz Road in Gilroy. Design plans have been reviewed by the stakeholders. The City presented the sewer alignment to the City of Gilroy on Monday, April 29, 2019, and the alignment was approved. The design is 95% completed with final design expected to be complete in Winter 2023. Construction of the parallel sewer trunk is currently not funded. Additional Information Available.

Parks and Trails Updates

Madrone Channel Trail Project 

Phase 1 improvements to the Madrone Channel Trail have been completed. Phase 2 improvements will provide a paved trail along Madrone Water Channel from Main Avenue to Tennant Avenue. Currently waiting for encroachment permit from VTA before project bidding and awarding. Learn more about this project at the City's Capital Improvement Program webpage. This project is made possible by Valley Water through the Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Program, MTC Transportation Development Act (TDA) grant and the VTA Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) grant.

The eastern portion of the West Little Llagas Creek Trail will be closed from Middle Avenue to Monterey Road starting on September 18th as Valley Water will be making erosion repairs along the peninsula. This section of trail will remain closed until October 4th. The trail on the west side from Middle Avenue to the turnout will remain open.

Maintenance Updates

  • Storm prep throughout the City