South County Youth Diversion Program

Descripción del programa en español (PDF).

The South County Youth Diversion Program provides an opportunity for youth who engage in inappropriate behaviors to come together with a collaborative group consisting of several agencies and address the matter at the local level versus through the traditional process with further involvement in the Juvenile Justice system.

The Youth Diversion Program Team consists of law enforcement agencies, community-based organizations, and school districts in South County.

The restorative justice circle involves a conversation which seeks input from victims, community partners, the youth, and other appropriate individuals to provide insight regarding the alleged behavior, as a foundation for change behavior, and includes acknowledging what has occurred and the youth owning their role in the situation. This process allows the youth to learn about the impact their behavior had on others while having a voice regarding accountability.

Restorative justice repairs the harm that occurred and rebuilds the relationships of those involved. It also strengthens the youth, families, and the community.

This program is affiliated with the South County Youth Task Force. For any questions, please email For Morgan Hill specific inquiries, please email our Youth Diversion Team.