Special Event Permits

A special event is an event that takes place on public property within the city that meets any of the following conditions:

  • Attendance of more than 50 people
  • Alcohol served or sold
  • Amplified Music
  • Jump House or other entertainment attraction


  1. Submit a Special Event Permit Application. Events with 2,500 or more single day attendees, applications must be submitted at least 6 months in advance. For events with fewer than 2,500 single day attendees, applications must be submitted at least 4 months in advance. Events that submit an application fewer than 30 days in advance will be required to pay a $500 late application fee and may be denied. All applications will be reviewed by City departments for additional requirements. 

  2. Submit Insurance for approval (with the application if possible). Insurance requirements can be found in the resources below. 

  3. Pay Rental Fee (varies depending on facility) and Maintenance Deposit Fee of $500. The Maintenance Deposit fee is refundable, following an inspection of the site after the event. The full amount will be refunded if there is no need for City maintenance services or repairs as a direct result of the event.
  4. Pay Special Event Permit Fee: $305 (50-499 people); $862 (500+ people). 
    Effective July 1, 2023, Special Event Permit Fees: $316 (50-499 people); $893 (500+ people).

  5. For proposed road closures: Event Organizer is to provide a Traffic Control Plan (TCP) designed and stamped by a licensed traffic engineer. The plan must be executed by a Class C31 Traffic Control Contractor. The TCP is to be reviewed and approved by the City Engineer and MHPD. Traffic control plans must also identify the types of vehicle incursion barriers used. 

  6. Provide plans for trash/recycling, portable toilets, security, event maps, and event growth plans. 

  7. Provide a hard copy notification to the surrounding impacted area and a copy to be included in the permit documentation.

  8. Sign Rental Contract and Special Event Permit.

Please Note:
Additional permits and licenses may be required.
Additional security or police services may be required.

For Events in City Facilities: Please see Facility Policies and Procedures for additional details and requirements.


If you have questions about an occurring event, please call Morgan Hill Police Department’s non-emergency number: 408-779-2101.

Notification: To receive notifications regarding upcoming events in Downtown Morgan Hill with road closures, please sign up here

Alcohol Permit Exception for Picnic Reservations

Reservations wishing to serve only alcohol at their BBQ Area reservation WILL NOT REQUIRE a Special Event Permit. The reservations WILL REQUIRE an Alcohol Permit. The Alcohol Permit can be purchased and obtained through the checkout process while completing the reservation. Please visit https://bit.ly/mhbbqonline to reserve a BBQ Area.

State Guidance related to Covid-19 - Beyond June 15, 2021