Morgan Hill Pickleball Club

Welcome to Morgan Hill Pickleball Club 

This is a joint program with volunteers of the community and the City of Morgan Hill.

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Pickleball is social and fun: join the MH pickleball club to make it even more enjoyable for you, too!

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Logo with two pickleball paddles and a pickleball. The words pickleball club.


  • Support & promote the sport of pickleball
  • Members-only events
  • Communication about pickleball via monthly newsletter and other mediums
  • Become part of the liaison to City of Morgan Hill for input on pickleball facilities, recreation rules & standards & promotion
  • Dues and donations support the local sport and facilities 

Membership Benefits

  • Permanent designation as a Charter Member when joining in 2023 by supporting the Club’s start-up
  • “In-the-know” communication and updates on pickleball activities, events and happenings
  • Serve on a committee to really be involved!
  • Join advocacy efforts related to pickleball facilities and operations
  • Members-only social events such as potluck pickleball get-togethers
  • Beginner sessions and clinics
  • Access to special equipment sessions, such as practice sessions on electronic ball machine
  • Field trip excursions to experience other pickleball clubs/facilities (non-city sponsored)
  • Help fundraise for capital expenses such as court cleaning equipment, “next up” paddle racks, storage shed, wind screens, lights.
  • Future discounts at pickleball retailers 
  • Special pricing on promotion merchandise
  • Competitions and future tournaments


Pickleball Group Playing