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Ad Placement for Recreation Guide

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  2. Recreation Activity Guide Advertising Information 2024

    The City of Morgan Hill Community Services Department offers an opportunity to promote your business and service to the Morgan Hill community. Our guide is the most comprehensive source of information available on City sponsored cultural, educational, recreational, and leisure activities/programs for all ages.

  3. Distribution
    • The Recreation Activity Guide will be accessible in a digital format on the City of Morgan Hill’s website at
    • The Recreation Activity Guide will also be promoted to the community through various electronic communications channels, such as the weekly 411 email, the CRC member newsletter email, social media posts, and program promotion emails.
    • The Recreation Activity Guide for Summer 2024 will include a mailing postcard to all Morgan Hill residents.
  4. Readership
    • The Recreation Activity Guide is eagerly anticipated by active Morgan Hill residents of all ages.
    • The Recreation Activity Guide is a primary source of recreation activity and program information for families with school-age children and adults. 
  5. Partnership

    Advertising in the Recreation Activity Guide not only provides you and your business with the ability to reach Morgan Hill residents, it also demonstrates that you share and support the City’s commitment to providing quality public recreation services. 

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  7. Send Art Files via email to:
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    Annual Agreement is only applicable for 3 consistent issues. Ad placement in 1 issue does not pay annual agreement.

  10. Duration of Contract/Ad Placement
  11. Please mail check to: 

    City of Morgan Hill                                                     
    Attn: Rec Guide Ad                                               
    17575 Peak Avenue                                                   
    Morgan Hill, CA 95037

    Please send any other questions or concerns to

    1. This contract is with the named business/firm and change of ownership or management will not dissolve contract obligations.
    2. All charges are due and payable at the time of artwork submission. Advertising not paid for in full at time of artwork submission will not be run.
    3. A proof will not be provided for artwork submitted by the advertiser as camera-ready. 
    4. Ad placement is on a first come, first served basis.
    5. Placement is not guaranteed.
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