Campaign Disclosure Forms and Filings

State law requires the filing of campaign disclosure statements by local candidates for elective office, elected officeholders, and committees supporting or opposing local candidates or ballot measures. Statements are filed on a regular cycle, with additional statements required during election years. These statements provide the public with details on who contributes money to a committee, and how that money is spent. Disclosure requirements are very complicated. Those involved with campaign committees should become fully aware of the legal requirements surrounding campaign reporting.

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Candidates and committees (including ballot measure and independent expenditure committees) within the jurisdiction of the City of Morgan Hill are required to file their disclosure statements with the Office of the City Clerk. In addition to the paper filing, filers are also required to submit statements electronically.

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Use the Public Access Portal to research campaign contributions and expenditures, review campaign statements filed by candidates and examine a committee‘s filing history.

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When Do I File?
There are various filing deadlines depending on the type of committee, and whether or not that committee is involved in an active election. There are also special quarterly filing deadlines for measure committees during the petition qualification process. Measure committees with qualified initiatives or in the process of qualification require additional quarterly filings. Disclosure forms with a 24 hour filing deadline must file electronically.

What Do I File?
Typical forms include: Statement of Intention Form 501; Statement of Organization Form 410; Semi-Annual Campaign Disclosure Statement Form 460; Pre-Election Campaign Disclosure Form 460; Pre- and Post- City Supplemental Campaign Disclosure Statement Form 460; Quarterly Measure Campaign Disclosure Statement Form 460; Supplemental Independent Expenditure Report Form 465 (Measure or Independent Expenditure Committees); Late Independent Expenditure Report Form 496; or Late Contribution Report Form 497. For a comprehensive listing of disclosure forms and/or detailed instructional manuals, visit the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) website.

Form 501, Candidate Intention Statement: 
The Form 501 (PDF) indicates a candidate's intent to seek elected office and that he or she intends to raise or spend more than $2,000 in doing so. It must be filed prior to the solicitation or receipt of any contribution, or the expenditure of any personal funds used for an election.

Form 410, Statement of Organization Recipient Committee: 
A campaign committee must file a Form 410 (PDF) within 10 days of raising or spending $2,000. The Form 410 indicates the candidate for which the committee was formed, the name and address of the campaign committee, the treasurer and the location (bank name and address) of the committee's bank account.

Form 460, Recipient Committee Campaign Statement: 
At semi-annual intervals during the year and more regularly prior to Election Day, candidates must file a Form 460 (PDF) outlining the manner in which they raise and spend money in pursuit of elected office. The Form 460 indicates the name, address, occupation and employer of contributors as well as the name, address and purpose for which payments have been made. It also outlines how much was raised and spent during that specific reporting period and in total for the calendar year. Detailed itemization is required for contributions received from a single source totaling $100 or more; expenditures of $100 or more; accrued expenses of $100 or more; and miscellaneous increases to cash of $100 or more. The law does not allow addresses to be posted online, however that information may be available from the City Clerk's Office, 17575 Peak Avenue, Morgan Hill, CA 95037.

Form 470, Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement Short Form:  
A candidate who does not anticipate raising or spending more than $2,000 may file a Form 470 (PDF) "Short" Form to indicate his or her candidacy. If a candidate does not intend to raise or spend more than $2,000, this may be the only campaign finance reporting form they are required to file. 

How Do I File? - Electronic Filings:

To provide greater access to the public, the Morgan Hill Municipal Code requires that when these groups are required to file a disclosures electronically. Paper filings are no longer accepted, the only exceptions to receiving paper filings are: Candidate Intention Statement Form 501, Major Donor forms, or an initial 410 form establishing a new committee. This provision is contained in Morgan Hill Municipal Code section 1.16 related to elections.To assist filers in meeting this obligation, the City of Morgan Hill is providing, free of charge, an Internet based electronic campaign disclosure statement filing system. The system is fully searchable for use by the public. This ensures that receipts and expenditures in city election campaigns are fully and truthfully disclosed, and that voters may be fully informed. Elected officials, candidates, and committees who are required to file campaign disclosure statements with the City of Morgan Hill may do so through this system. (Note - a login and password are required for those filing electronic statements).

Responsibility of Filers

This website is intended to provide general information regarding campaign disclosure reporting. To the extent this information conflicts with state or local law, the law controls. Additional filing requirements may apply. If you have questions about what you are required to file, where to file it, or when to file it, please visit the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) website or call toll free at 1-866-ASK-FPPC.

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Gifts to an Agency      

Form 801, Gift to Agency Report 
The Form 801 is for use by all state and local government agencies to disclose payments made to the agency when the payments provide a personal benefit to an official of the agency.

Report of Public Official Appointments 

Form 806, Agency Report of Public Official Appointments
The Form 806 is used to report additional compensation that officials receive when appointing themselves to positions on committees, boards or commissions of a public agency, special district, or joint powers agency or authority.

Form 806 Filing (PDF)