Candidate Statement Costs

Candidates who wish to have a statement of their qualifications published in the sample ballot, which is mailed to all registered votes, must pay half of the printing/publishing cost based on the estimated cost provided by the Registrar of Voters at the time the statement is filed with the elections official.  If the actual costs are more than the estimated costs, the candidate will be required to pay the difference. If the cost is less than the estimated costs, the difference will be refunded to the candidate. The actual costs will not be determined until after the election.

Candidates that claim to be indigent may submit an application for a waiver of the costs to prepare a Statement.  Such candidates must submit to the City Clerk, a Waiver of Candidate Statement Deposit Form, Statement of Financial Worth Form, and a copy of their most recent federal income tax report to determine their eligibility. The City Clerk shall make a determination of finding regarding the candidate's indigence. The guidelines established by the federal Housing and Urban Development Department for Santa Clara County are used to determine eligibility.  The City will set the standard for determining indigence as the amount set in these guidelines for extremely low income. If a candidate is determined to be indigent, the City shall bear the full cost of the Statement. If it is determined that a candidate is not indigent, the candidate shall withdraw the statement or pay the requisite fee.