Monterey Road Corridor Study

The update to the Morgan Hill 2035 General Plan created a new land use policy designation for portions of Monterey Road to encourage mixed use flex development that will include a variety of uses and forms to foster a dynamic urban environment.

Monterey Corridor Study Area MapThe City has contracted with Lisa Wise Consulting, Inc (LWC) to begin the baseline work required to implement the goals established in the General Plan, including the creation of complementary zoning. The work will include the development of a market and land use capacity study, which will provide the foundation and include community and property owner engagement necessary to ensure that the resulting zoning is practical, understands development impediments, including market and geography, land utilization, age, obsolescence, design objectives, and overall community needs and desires.

The project will involve significant reconnaissance, including input from property owners and stakeholders, businesses, neighborhood groups, developers and others with an interest in the Monterey Corridor area. LWC will conduct meetings in the community and will also engage the Planning Commission and City Council for feedback. Work will also result in a comparison of potential zoning alternatives and implementation options the City may wish to consider regarding neighborhood design, zoning code approach (including form-based code approach), responding to market analysis and recommendations in a manner consistent with Morgan Hill 2035.

Monterey Corridor Market Analysis Final Draft (PDF)Monterey Corridor Implementation Memo (PDF)
Planning Commission Presentation (PDF) - February 27, 2018