Home Improvement Resources

Within Development Services, there are two divisions that assist the community with residential projects' processes. 

Both the Planning Division and the Building and Fire Prevention Division offer information on getting home projects underway, including permitting for any type of project, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), fences, pools, re-roofs, set-backs, solar PV and EV charging stations, water heaters, and more.


Simple Plan Check Permits

The following three projects require Building Division plan review only:

  • Residential solar / photovoltaic systems
  • Residential electric vehicle charging stations
  • Residential kitchen and bathroom remodels

What Are My Setbacks?

Building setbacks are determined by zoning districts.
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Common Residential Projects

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) can be attached or detached, on a single lot of record to be used for in-laws-quarters, a guesthouse, or rental, and are allowed in residential districts if minimum development standards of the zoning district can be met.
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Accessory Structures

Examples of accessory structures are garages, sheds, and patio covers.
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Additions, Remodels and Garage Conversions

Before designing an addition, it is recommended to determine the building setbacks, maximum height, maximum building coverage, and other development standards. 
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Decks / Patio Covers / Sheds as Accessory Structures

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Fences & Walls

Fences and walls are allowed to be built along property lines as long as they do not exceed the maximum height. In general, fences or walls may not exceed 7 ft. in height along the rear and side property lines and no more than 3 ft. in height within the front setback area.
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Hillside Combining District

Development Standards for properties in the hillside.
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Pools & Spas

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Residential Re-Roofing Guidelines and Regulations

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Solar Permits for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems and EV Charging Stations

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Tree Removal

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Water Heater Replacement

What do I need to do when replacing my water heater?
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