Accessory Dwelling Units

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), attached or detached, on a single lot of record to be used for in-laws-quarters, a guesthouse, or rental, are allowed in residential districts if minimum development standards of the zoning district can be met. ADUs are subject to the development standards and requirements found in Chapter 18.84 of the Municipal Code.

Engineering & Utilities Division
It is recommended to contact the Engineering & Utilities Division to determine if there are any requirements such as impact fees, encroachment permits, or utility service standards.

Fire Department

It is recommended to contact the Fire Department to determine if fire suppression systems and/or emergency access roadways are required. Certain fire suppression systems are required if the proposed floor area of the structure exceeds thresholds and/or if the property is in a Fire Hazard Zone.

Building Division

See the Building Division for submittal requirements to apply for a building permit for a remodel or garage conversion.

Additional Information

For more information, contact the Planning Division at 408-778-6480.