CCW Phase II

Phase II

Psychological Evaluation

  • Applicants will be contacted by the authorized psychological services agency (Core Psychological Corporation) to schedule an appointment. A payment link will be provided by Core Psychological Corporation for the applicant to pay directly, as the fee charged will be for the actual cost of the assessment. 
  • Upon completion of the psychological evaluation, Core Psychological Corporation will notify the Morgan Hill Police Department whether the applicant passed or failed the assessment.
  • Core Psychological Corporation will be evaluating applicants for the purpose of identifying any outward indications or history of psychological problems that may render the applicant unfit to carry a firearm. Indications include:  
    • Propensity to harm self or others
    • An inability to distinguish reality from delusion
    • Paranoia
    • Prosopagnosia - inability to recognize facial expressions, and/or experience blurred images, face blindness, etc.
    • Inability to control their behavior or impulses
    • Current abuse of alcohol or controlled substances
    • Inability to exercise sound judgment regarding the use of a firearm in a manner that is consistent with the law  

Firearms Training, Inspection & Safety

  • To assure applicants are receiving training regarding best practices and in compliance with mandates and/or laws, CCW license qualification certificates dated prior to receiving notification regarding initial determination of being a disqualified person pursuant to Pen. Code § 26202 will not be accepted.    
  • All new CCW license applicants shall complete a 16-hour course of training which includes instruction on firearm safety, handling of the firearm, shooting technique, and laws regarding the permissible use of a firearm.  
  • The course shall include live-fire shooting exercises on a firing range and a demonstration by the applicant of safe handling and shooting proficiency with each firearm the applicant is applying to be licensed to carry.

  • No more than three (3) Firearms will be listed on a CCW license.  
  • Firearms are to be free from alterations from the manufacturer’s specifications, excluding sights or grips; for example, no trigger adjustments, as the department has the right to deny a license for any firearm which has been altered from the manufacture specifications or a firearm deemed unsafe. Additionally, no "AR Pistol” platform or similar style handguns will be approved and the handgun must be capable of being concealed upon a person. 

Authorized Calibers

  • .38
  • .357
  • .357MAG
  • .380
  • .40
  • .44 
  • .44 Special
  • .44MAG
  • .45
  • 9MM
  • 10MM