CCW: Renewal of a License

License Renewal Instructions:

Renewal Timeline

  • Applying for a renewal is to occur no earlier than six months prior to the expiration date of the current CCW license; however, in no instance shall a renewal application be submitted after the expiration date of the current CCW license. 
    • CCW licensees who neglect to submit a CCW license renewal application prior to their license expiration date MUST apply for a NEW CCW license if intending to carry a concealed weapon.  As follows, applicants will be subjected to all requirements associated with a NEW CCW license application including submitting three (3) reference letters, psychological testing, and 16-hours of firearms training, safety, and shooting proficiency. 
  • A CCW license renewal application is to be submitted to the department which issued the original license (i.e., the Morgan Hill Police Department (MHPD) will only renew CCW licenses’ which were issued by MHPD).  


  • Current CCW licensees are to complete the Statewide Application for a CCW: (BOF 4012 - Standard Initial and Renewal Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon) for renewal purposes.
  • Payment of Renewal application fees, pending City Council approval at a date to be determined, are collected at the time of submitting the application through Permitium:

    • Standard CCW Renewal License: $77 ($52 DOJ, + $25 City cost/recovery processing fee).
    • Judge, Magistrate, Full-time Commissioner Renewal License: $99 ($74 DOJ, + $25 City cost/recovery processing fee).
    • Reserve Peace or Custodial Officer Renewal License: $121 ($96 DOJ, + $25 City cost/recovery processing fee).

Interview with CCW License Applicant

  • All information received is reviewed with the applicant. 
  • Restrictions are discussed with the applicant should a CCW License be approved, including those listed in the application and MHPD specific conditions (MHPD Policy 218) (PC 26200(a-b)].  

Psychological Evaluation

  • Psychological testing will be required if there is compelling evidence which indicates psychological testing is necessary. 

Firearms Training, Inspection & Safety

  • To assure applicants are receiving training regarding best practices and in compliance with mandates and/or laws, CCW license qualification certificates dated prior to receiving approval to complete firearms training will not be accepted.    
  • All renewal CCW license applicants shall complete a course of training, no less than four (4) hours which will include instruction on firearm safety, handling of the firearm, shooting technique, and laws regarding the permissible use of a firearm.  
  • The course shall include live-fire shooting exercises on a firing range and shall include a demonstration by the applicant of safe handling and shooting proficiency with each firearm the applicant is applying to be licensed to carry.

  • No more than three (3) Firearms will be listed on a CCW license.  
  • Firearms are to be free from alterations from the manufacturer’s specifications, excluding sights or grips; for example, no trigger adjustments, as the department has the right to deny a license for any firearm which has been altered from the manufacture specifications or a firearm deemed unsafe.  Additionally, no "AR Pistol” platform or similar style handguns will be approved and the handgun must be capable of being concealed upon a person. 

Authorized Calibers

  • .38
  • .357
  • .357MAG
  • .380
  • .44
  • .44 Special
  • .44MAG
  • .45
  • 9MM
  • .10MM

CCW License Renewal Approval

  • Upon approval of the CCW license renewal, the licensee will sign a new Restrictions and Conditions Agreement noting any violation of the restrictions may result in immediate revocation of the license.