Utility Services & Billing 

City Hall is open for walk-in water services Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Service requests can also be processed electronically by email or online during normal business hours. Utility payments can be made online, through the mail, or drop box located outside City Hall. Please contact us by:

View & Pay Your Water Bill Online

The City of Morgan Hill offers Online Bill Pay for water customers to make one time payments from anywhere, anytime; or to automate your monthly payments by scheduling them to be paid on the date due. This service will also help you reduce your mail with paperless billing that provides email alerts when your statement is ready for viewing and 24 hour access to your statements, message inserts, and past payments made through the online service.

It’s easy to enroll. All you need is your account information from your last bill, your email address, and your checking account, credit card or debit card information.  

Privacy Policy (PDF)

Start or Cancel Water Service

You start service by coming into or contacting utility billing at least one business day before services are requested. The city requires all customers to complete and sign an application/contract form, then submit it along with a legible copy of the primary account holder’s driver’s license, and for home owners, your Private Sewer Lateral and plumbing fixture certificate must be included.  All forms, ID copies, and certificates must be submitted as attachments in one single email or brought into our office, prior to 4pm Monday-Friday.  Once approved, services can begin as early as the next business day.

To cancel services, you must contact utility billing, in writing, at least one business day prior to the cancellation date requested. All requests to cancel service will shut water off on the morning requested. You may also request cancellation by using the Online Cancellation Form (PDF).

Water & Sewer Rates

For current rates please see the Current Rate Schedule (PDF). For future scheduled increases, please see the Adopted Rates (PDF).

2022 Water Rate Study (PDF)


On July 1, 2019, the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) increased the groundwater extraction fees that it charges the City of Morgan Hill. The production fee increase by the SCVWD exceeds what the City anticipated and had built into its rate structure. Therefore, the City will be passing on the recent unanticipated costs to its water customers. This increase to the volumetric charge is approximately $0.14 per unit Hundred Cubic Foot (HCF) of water consumed. For the average customer who consumes 14 units per month, this increase will amount to an additional $1.96 per month. This nominal water rate increase for Morgan Hill customers took effect August 1, 2019.


The residential wastewater charge is based on the average measured volume of water consumption for the three consecutive low water usage months between the months of November and April. The three low water usage months are determined annually based on the total water consumption of all customers. The charge is adjusted during the month of July each year. For new customers without a winter average in the home, the single-family rate assumes a winter average of 8 HCF, and multi-family rate assumes a winter average of 4 HCF.

You may email Utility Billing Division for a review of the wastewater charge assessed on your account.

For non-residential customers the wastewater volume charge is based on actual monthly water consumption.

The City Council adopted new wastewater rates in early 2019. More information can be found on the 2019 Wastewater Rate Adjustment web page.

Other Information

Water Quality Report

The Water Consumer Confidence Report (PDF) is a yearly publication which provides our customers with water quality data.

Public Health Goals Report

Provisions of the California Health and Safety Code specify that public water systems serving more than 10,000 service connections must prepare a Public Health Goals report on water quality every three years. The most recent report is the Public Health Goals Report (PDF).

Wastewater System

The City’s sewer system connects to the South County Regional Wastewater Authority facility in Gilroy. This facility is jointly owned by the cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill.

Discontinuation of Residential Water Service Policy

The City’s Discontinuation of Residential Water Service Policy details the City’s administrative actions for the collection of delinquent accounts and is available to read in the languages listed below:

Reporting Requirements

The City of Morgan Hill is required to report the number of annual discontinuations of residential service for nonpayment on its website and to report this information to the State Board of Water Resources Control ("Board"). 

2022 Residential water service discontinuations for nonpayment: 542

2021 Residential water service discontinuations for nonpayment: 0

2020 Residential water service discontinuations for nonpayment: 153

* In 2020 and 2021, water shutoffs resulting from nonpayment were temporarily suspended due to the state moratorium. Water shutoffs resumed in March 2022.

Utility Billing Appeal Process

Account holders wishing to appeal the billing charges on their utility bill can follow the steps detailed on the Utility Billing Appeal Form (PDF).

Report a Leak

You may report a water leak or sewer leak online.

Report Water Waste

You may report water waste online.