Pavement Rehab & Street Cut Moratorium

The City plans for its major pavement rehabilitation 5 years in advance to coordinate for large scale rehabilitation projects across the City. Day to day pothole repair is responded to immediately through the City's Maintenance Division. The City continues to have a backlog of streets needing rehabilitation due to a near decade of lack of funding for such work. However, considerable advancement continues to be made in improving pavement conditions as the City has conducted annual pavement rehabilitation projects since 2018. The information on this page outlines planned work for the coming 5 years and past major rehabilitation work within the City. Additionally, the most recent comprehensive Pavement Management Report for the City is available here:
- 2022/23 Pavement Management Report


The City funds the capital pavement rehabilitation program primarily through the City's Streets Fund which receives revenues from State Gas Taxes (Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017), VTA Measure B 2016 Sales Tax, various grant funds, the City's General Fund, and various other smaller funding sources. 

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Priority Rehabilitation 

The City prioritizes use of its limited funding in the repair of the City’s street using the following criteria:

  • Repairing and maintaining arterial and collector roadways ahead of residential streets. 
  • Pavement condition through review of the pavement condition index for each specific street segment.
  • Grouping roadways that are adjacent to limit impacts to residents and achieve cost savings related to mobilization costs.
  • Repairing roadways that are ongoing safety issues.
  • Repairing street segments that reduce the ongoing and repeated maintenance needs for the City.

Pavement Moratorium

The City finds that any cut into street pavement significantly degrades the roadway and that restoration methods exist to restore the street to its pre-excavation condition. All streets within the City of Morgan Hill which have received any type of pavement resurfacing or reconstruction are not permitted for any excavation or utility cut for a period of five (5) years from project completion. Date of project completion is the date of the filing of the project Notice of Acceptance by the Office of the City Engineer.

Exceptions to this policy are as follows:

  1. Emergencies which endanger life or property.
  2. Interruption of essential utility service.
  3. Work that is mandated by City, County, State, or Federal legislation.
  4. Service for buildings where no other feasible means of providing service exists.
  5. Other situations deemed by the City Engineer to be in the best interest of the general public.

For all exceptions granted, other means (boring, etc.) shall be used to limit the amount of street cuts to the minimum necessary to complete the work.  The City shall provide specific restoration requirements for exception work granted as approved by the City Engineer. Companies that perform non-permitted work that violates this policy shall restore roadway to the limits, using the method determined by the City Engineer.  At a minimum the restoration shall be from edge of pavement to edge of pavement.

Upcoming and Completed Pavement Rehabilitation Projects

Note: Planned rehabilitation is based on funding availability and may change. Reductions in funding or increases in costs may delay planned rehabilitation work. Urgent rehabilitation needs that arise may also delay planned rehabilitations. This list of completed work is shared to provide information related to the street pavement moratorium, but is not a comprehensive list of all street rehabilitation work.

2019 Pavement Rehabilitation Project- Under Moratorium Until 2025

  • Cochrane Road from Monterey Road to Mission View Drive
  • Monterey Road from Cochrane Road north to the City limit
  • Butterfield Boulevard from Cochrane Road to East Dunne Avenue
  • Depot Street

2020 Pavement Rehabilitation Project- Under Moratorium Until 2026

  • Tennant Avenue from Vineyard Boulevard to Highway 101 Ramps
  • Condit Road from East Dunne north to the City limit
  • Roble Drive
  • Encina Drive
  • Via Castana from Via del Castille to La Tierra Drive

2021 Pavement Rehabilitation Project- Under Moratorium Until 2027

  • Tennant Avenue from Vineyard Avenue to Monterey Road
  • Peak Avenue from Dunne Avenue to Wright Avenue
  • DeWitt Avenue from Alkire Avenue to Claremont Avenue
  • Main Avenue from DeWitt Avenue to Peak Avenue
  • Wright Avenue from Peak Avenue to Monterey Road
  • Farallon Avenue from Alkire Avenue to Peak Avenue
  • Alkire Avenue from DeWitt Avenue to Peak Avenue
  • Torrey Court
  • West Central Ave from Monterey Road to Del Monte Avenue
  • Park Way

 2022 Pavement Rehabilitation Project - Under Moratorium Until 2028

  • East Dunne Avenue from Hill Road to City limit (Grant Funded)
  • Jackson Oaks Drive and Streets within Jackson Oaks neighborhood
  • Hill Road from East Dunne to Barrett Avenue/city limit
  • Murphy Road from San Pedro to the City limit
  • Rustling Oaks Court
  • Condit Road from San Pedro Avenue to Tennant Avenue
  • Church from San Pedro Avenue to Barrett Avenue
  • Mast between Church Street and Vineyard Boulevard
  • Vineyard Boulevard between Tennant Avenue and Mast Avenue
  • West Main Avenue from DeWitt Avenue to John Telfer Drive
  • Via Grande
  • Hidalgo Court
  • La Giralda Court
  • Lindo Lane (Future repair work needed to address unstable roadway subgrade)
  • Main Avenue from Monterey to Butterfield – Not completed

 2023 Pavement Rehabilitation Project - Under Moratorium Until 2029

  • Main Avenue from Monterey Road to Butterfield Boulevard
  • Streets within La Crosse Drive Area including: La Crosse Drive, La Mirada Court, La Porte Court, La Prenda Court, La Rena Court, La Roda Court, La Escuela Court, Descansa Court, El Pajaro Court, La Mesa Court, La Sierra Court, La Bella Court, La Honda Court, La Mar Court, La Jolla Court
  • East Middle between Monterey and the Railroad Tracks
  • Oak View Circle

2024 Planned Pavement Rehabilitation 

  • East Dunne Avenue Overpass from Condit Road to Laurel Road (not in PCI List/Caltrans)
  • Del Monte Avenue from 2nd Street to Keystone Avenue
  • Del Monte Avenue from Spring Avenue to Cosmo Avenue PCI Range
  • Keystone Avenue
  • East Central from Monterey for about 20 feet from intersection
  • San Pedro from Butterfield Boulevard to Walnut Grove Drive
  • San Ramon from San Pedro Avenue to San Marcos Drive
  • Markross Court
  • Cochrane Circle
  • Railroad Ave from Tennant Avenue to San Pedro Avenue
  • Hilltop Court
  • Arterial Street Sealing – Streets TBD

 2025 Planned Pavement Rehabilitation 

  • Monterey Road from Cochrane Road to East Middle Avenue/city limit - with Grant Project
  • Llagas Road
  • Streets within Woodland Acres Neighborhood, including Rolling Hills Drive, Woodland Avenue, Woodland Court, Rocky Ridge Road, Greenwood Avenue, Black Oak Court 
  • Sunnyside Avenue
  • Arterial Street Sealing – Streets TBD

 2026 Planned Pavement Rehabilitation

  • Streets within western Jackson Meadows Neighborhoods, including Gallop Drive, Hay Loft Way, Hay Loft Court, Fountain Oaks Drive, Fountain Court, Saddleback Drive, Gitano Court, Huston Court, Pinto Court, Palomino Court, Buckskin Court, Sorrel Way, Cimarron Drive, Calero Court, Saddlehorn Way, Ranger Court, Arabian Court, Feliz Court, Ponderosa Court, Fountain Avenue
  • Arterial Street Sealing – Streets TBD

 2027 Planned Pavement Rehabilitation

  • Calle Mazatan Area
  • Peppertree Drive neighborhood east  of Nordstrom School
  • Arterial Street Sealing – Streets TBD

More Information

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