Live Entertainment Permit Instructions

Any type of entertainment and/or dancing in a restaurant, nightclub, bar or establishment within the City of Morgan Hill where food and/or alcoholic beverages are served and which is open to the public will require a Live Entertainment Permit.

Exemptions for entertainment events provided

    • by or sponsored by nonprofit charitable organizations or community service organizations
    • to members and their guests at a private club where admission is not open to the public
    • at a private residence where the public is not invited
    • conducted in connection with regularly established community recreation programs, carnivals, or recreation parks


  • Submit a Live Entertainment Permit Application (via email) at least 30 days before the entertainment event
  • Submit the following application documents (via email):
    • copy of current City of Morgan Hill Business License
    • floor Plan of Premises including dimension of premises
    • proof of security company/guards are licensed by the State of California (if employing)
    • copy of current ABC License (if serving alcohol)
    • signature on application or written consent of premises’ owner
  • Pay Live Entertainment Permit Fee (billed electronically)
  • The applicant will be notified when the Live Entertainment Permit has been approved and will receive a signed copy.  The permit is to be available on the premises.

Please Note

Additional permits and licenses may be required.

For Events on City Streets and Public Property: Private security is required if your event has 500 or more attendees, a significant road closure, or takes place in downtown Morgan Hill. Additional security may also be required.  Please see Special Events Permits for additional details and requirements.

For Events in City Facilities: Please see Facility Policies and Procedures for additional details and requirements.

State Guidance related to Covid-19 - Beyond June 15, 2021


To submit permit application and documents or to ask a permit question, please contact the Police Department’s Permits Division.

If you have questions about an occurring event, please call Morgan Hill Police Department’s non-emergency number: 408-779-2101.